Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




The Acrobat leaps onto the board With a spring in step up he soared The Pirate balanced upon the plank Before her ship was surely sank The Dancer bounds from toe to heel With the precision of a shipbuilder's keel The Fiddler fingers the... Continue Reading →

Lost Girl


Maybe Grey Rainbow Superposition Entangled Off AND On 0 AND 1 Here AND There Lost AND Found Pink AND Red Up AND Down In AND Out Mutually Inclusive Sitting on the fence The Door Frame The place to be when... Continue Reading →

The Child of a Victim

I learnt to punch before I could paint I learnt to kick before I could dance I learnt to scream before I could sing I learnt to rage before I could cry From the depths of my soul But no... Continue Reading →

The Warrior

The Warrior is near When the World is in fear She will show her teeth At what lies beneath Death walks by her side On a Lion she does ride The Crow will call When the Giants fall Freedom she... Continue Reading →

The Fallen – a lyrical biography

A child born with eyes of blue Soon they turned a honey-like hue Changing in the light From day to the night Forever crying with all her might This child a changling child A little kind and heartly wild Walked the Earth in... Continue Reading →

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