Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Don't look at me like a piecemeal Something to take and steal Don't look at me like something you hunger Like your mother's breast when you were much younger Don't give me that wolfish grin Or rattle me with your one... Continue Reading →

The Wolf Prince

Give me an astro, naught any day of the week It is the cause, me not which I do seek Will not an astro, naught leave you hanging Instead will cause me not violetly haranguing Prince will always leave you high... Continue Reading →

Wolf people

The people who look at you in the eyes Balanced with sense from sole to spine Nothing to hide and nothing to fear They know the world from ear to ear Words come from the heart With a rhythm of a... Continue Reading →

The Big Bad Wolf

The Wolf kills the sheep And puts on its coat Gobbling it up All the blood it does soak Then the Wolf kills the girl deep in the wood And throws on her real red cloak After cutting of the... Continue Reading →

The ramblings of the heart lost in time

No matter how much one plans at life, it is always uncertain. The only certainty in life, is in fact, uncertainty. The heart can flutter in a moment of unknowing. Or take pause with anxiousness of the future. But really there is... Continue Reading →

The Lost Soul, the Wolf and the Ghost

Who do you see when you look at a reflection? What do you know when you search for your heart? What do you feel when you walk the earth? Is your soul dark and full of hunger? Are your thoughts full of rage? Are... Continue Reading →

The Wolf and the Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a lone wolf who live at the edge of the forest, not too far from a village. There she lived watching the villagers get on with their lives, working, dancing and playing. She wanted to join them,... Continue Reading →

By heart

Learn by heart Commit it to memory The heart is a bleeding vortex of tubes Blood spins like a whirlpool And you say, learn it by heart So where should I put these stories? In my gut, mind and bones?... Continue Reading →

Four Pigs

Once upon a time, in the past or the future or somewhere in between, lived four pigs. Each pig lived alone, in his own big house. One pig lived in a house of straw, as the old tales go; the... Continue Reading →

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