Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Spirit Reader

Did you read the spirits of others Who know not to keep secret covers Looking deep into their souls You gather up life from the darkest of holes Twist up their bellies as they shriek in fear You hollow them out... Continue Reading →


When I see a new face From far away I am reminded of tales From yesterday Of how I was once a slave in chains Or riding a horse free and wild before highway lanes Or perhaps a pirate or... Continue Reading →

The Voice

Your voice gives away all that is inside All the things you wish to hide It tells me of your hopes and fears All the times you've held back the tears It tells me of your roots and bones All your sorrows... Continue Reading →

The Witches

Who do you let into your home Who runs your earthly dome And grips hard your soul Playing your tune and role She may come as a saviour Doing you a huge favour Letting you out to flee In the wind to play... Continue Reading →

By heart

Learn by heart Commit it to memory The heart is a bleeding vortex of tubes Blood spins like a whirlpool And you say, learn it by heart So where should I put these stories? In my gut, mind and bones?... Continue Reading →


Three-Six-Nine Triangle-Hexagon-Nonagon Try to find the words to break a hex For all the squares they perplex Non you shall find in crosses of churches But perhaps in a forest full of birches Stay out of rooms of 90 degree angle... Continue Reading →

The Road

They are marching up the road They are coming right here just for you Marching up the road in fours and threes and twos They are marching up the road my dear Marching up for you my dear They are... Continue Reading →

A Witch’s Hex

Out of the darkness it came Playing a wily game Making sounds like a bad wolf's howl Digging me out with an old iron trowel Feeding me poison for one hundred years Then gripping my throat as I held back the tears... Continue Reading →


"You are autistic" First it is a diagnosis Then it is a condition Then they try to cure you Then they give up on you Then one day after years and years of trying to be someone else You read... Continue Reading →

A Shaman’s Verse

Who are you to me? Or should I let it be But the same faces keep reappearing Into my heart searing Round and round the Wheel goes When it stops no one knows But the same faces come again As... Continue Reading →

A Hallow Tale

The Pumpkin Man ran out of town and took all of the money. There was none left and the Ugly Witch was left holding the bag. It was a sad empty bag and the Pumpkin Man ran away laughing. The... Continue Reading →

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