Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Why are so many of us disconnected from the gravity of earth With voices so high and have dismantled the hearth Walking on stilts or lumbering alone Carrying one heaving stone What are we afraid of when we cannot sit... Continue Reading →

One and all

All the churches have twisted our bodies into shards of reflection, disembodying the mind from the body, blood and spirit, all in the name of the one. No wonder our world is in shatters, and broken up into pieces of... Continue Reading →

Spirit Reader

Did you read the spirits of others Who know not to keep secret covers Looking deep into their souls You gather up life from the darkest of holes Twist up their bellies as they shriek in fear You hollow them out... Continue Reading →


When I see a new face From far away I am reminded of tales From yesterday Of how I was once a slave in chains Or riding a horse free and wild before highway lanes Or perhaps a pirate or... Continue Reading →

Emotional Colour

Hiding your feelings behind a lense Where your mind begins and ends In the middle of your scull You become square and dull Never even knowing what you truly feel Instead a rational of the cards you deal Never feeling from deep roots... Continue Reading →


The cycle between your head and your heart Is not a bad place to start You can go round and round But you will never touch the ground You must go further to your roots Where is all the treasure... Continue Reading →

Top of the hill

When you talk of light Without the dark When you talk of good Without the bad When you talk of joy Without fear When you talk of day Without the night You are only living At the top of the... Continue Reading →

Warriors of Earth

Once we were warriors And they came with their tales Once we were warriors And they came with their lies Once we were warriors And they twisted our stories Once we were warriors And they molested our souls But we... Continue Reading →


A beauty without thorns will be slain in a day A beauty without poison will perish in a week And a beauty without arms will lay helpless upon the floor While a true beauty will wear armour above as below And grow roots down... Continue Reading →

Hold you

I will hold you to the ground Hold you to your word If you spout nonsense It will sound absurd That is my promise To all of you and yours For if I catch a liar Gravity will be most dire... Continue Reading →


To sit here with all my feelings As you go on in abstract reelings With words that make little sense Grown in falsehood and pretense Trying to make claims That are based on heroic games While my gut churns And... Continue Reading →


Being punished for who you are Is the cruelest thing to do by far And though worse yet Is to hurt yourself Because you know of nothing else


Tenderfoot and Greenhorn found the land of the north They walked slowly with care as they went forth In this new land they found their own way Growing stronger in both night and day For Tenderfoot solefully treads the green... Continue Reading →


The pulse resides in the triangle Of the soles' arch angle With a steady beat In both cool and stifling heat The blood of fi phi fo Going far down below Rising up through the centre Unlike a tarty dolled up pretender... Continue Reading →

From top to bottom

Making logic of madness is the scientist's pursuit To rationalise and quantify every moment as moot But the artist accepts some things cannot be counted And seeks through nature's sense All the cracks and crevasses The masons wedged with lies and numbers... Continue Reading →

After thought

There is a thought and then an after thought The "by the way" The "I've got nothing to do so do you want to meet?" The feeling of boredom and "what now?" The vacuum in your life you fill with excrement... Continue Reading →

Lost for words

Words do not come When breath stops Then the mind ceases Stomach knots Fists clench The birth of the Neanderthal man He is lost without words And knows only violence But she knows, medicine woman knows Steady in breath Blades... Continue Reading →

Double Trouble

Double trouble this way comes Be prepared for marching drums For the past will come a calling When the fisher does her trawling Gathering all the poisoned fish For your meal to dish Take a dandelion weed head Blow the seeds... Continue Reading →

The Witches

Who do you let into your home Who runs your earthly dome And grips hard your soul Playing your tune and role She may come as a saviour Doing you a huge favour Letting you out to flee In the wind to play... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Lies

Tell me a story tell it well Make it true, break the spell For if you tell me a tall tall tale I will see your face fall and fail In your telling I see the lies Your face I grow... Continue Reading →

A Witch’s Hex

Out of the darkness it came Playing a wily game Making sounds like a bad wolf's howl Digging me out with an old iron trowel Feeding me poison for one hundred years Then gripping my throat as I held back the tears... Continue Reading →

The Sleuth

There is a sleuth Searching for truth With her head in a book Solving mysteries with a critical look She enjoys a walk And talks the talk Doing her best to take life in stride With arms stretched out open and wide This... Continue Reading →

The Lady Red

A lady of strawberry red Rises from her earthly bed To greet the lands anew In the morning dew The laughing bird calls her beyond To the great writer's pond Here her slithering serpent tongue Grows worlds of old songs... Continue Reading →

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