Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Feel it

I want to feel the world, through my feet As I kiss the land, with each step The tingle of gravity The knowledge of thyme The wholeness of the earth As its song passes through me Like rich dirt passing... Continue Reading →


Have you read the sine wave Like a clock in time Spinning space Up at twelve and down at twenty-four But it is only even at six and eighteen As the sun begins to rise And fall

Little Toy Soldier

Tick tock tick tock Goes round the clock The little boy stares Caught unawares As his heart grow steady and cold Slowly aging bitter and old Round and round with the clock's sound A rhythm unnatural and out of thyme... Continue Reading →

Fear, time and squares

There is a real fear Buried deep in time Where should be the heart Is the tick of a clock A miniscule sound A blacksmith banging hot steal Stone on stone To onward drone As rooms become right angled Guts... Continue Reading →

I am / Olen

I am U are Earth spins Until time stops Like frozen crystals And I could see beyond the looking pond Olen Olet Maa kiertä Kun aika loppua Kuin pakastettu ukonkivi Ja voisin nähdä yli lasin lämpi

Trade in Time

She traded in nothing as tedious as minerals Nor as dependent as animals And though she would gift a plant or two She would not trade in them either, do But she would collect feelings, memories and secrets Keep them... Continue Reading →

The ramblings of the heart lost in time

No matter how much one plans at life, it is always uncertain. The only certainty in life, is in fact, uncertainty. The heart can flutter in a moment of unknowing. Or take pause with anxiousness of the future. But really there is... Continue Reading →


Breathe to save time With wings folded back together Stop to make time Feel the heart beat Stand in the sand In time to the earth spinning Floating out of time And space

Lost Girl

The Tardis

To grow a Tardis from inside to out First a square needs to sprout Then five more to grow a cube Looking like an angular tube Find its wings on all corners Breaking out the inner borders Out they spread... Continue Reading →

Old Soles

These feet remember things of long ago Of where I walked fast and slow Of roads, paths and ways Walking for days and days In shoes much too small Knees grazed from many a fall Every maiden, mother and crone How many times... Continue Reading →

Money, Honey

Debt is an emotional blackmailing illusion To maintain a financial delusion It keeps our noses to the ground With the thinking that money makes the world go round What would tomorrow be If we all declared bankruptcy Could we press... Continue Reading →

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