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Goodbye Summer

The taste of fresh cream cheese One grain of salt A cup of clear spring water Sunset on the last warm night Fresh bread drizzled with avocado oil A carrot stick A slice of cucumber And a wedge of watermelon... Continue Reading →

Ruptured Roots

When did they disconnect you from your voice When they took away your choice You were backed into a corner Just for being a foreigner When did they stop your heart from beating Sitting there seating Curling your toes in... Continue Reading →

Let them run

Let them run run Let them play in the sun Just let me have my peace and sense So I can take down the fence.

Suns are hard to love

Suns burn with the fire of naught Rarely doing as they are taught They see you as you are No matter how far When you feel humble and cowardly Know that they are watching carefully Burning with the fire of the soul... Continue Reading →

Cold Fire

Most people do not talk about cold fire Only about the heat of fury and indignation They talk about an eternal flame Perhaps in some god's name But once in a while they talk about a cool head Calm and... Continue Reading →

Cheery numbers

A cheery number Grows on a tree Count them Count them One, two, three! Some hang alone, in pairs or threes High upon the tops of trees They love to chatter in the breeze Calling to the Sun, please, please, please!... Continue Reading →

The Warrior

The Warrior is near When the World is in fear She will show her teeth At what lies beneath Death walks by her side On a Lion she does ride The Crow will call When the Giants fall Freedom she... Continue Reading →

Reindeer Man

The reindeer man His great wings wide span Longs for the sea With the to birds be At the shore he stands Upon the bog lands With spikes on his back Keeping him on track He may not come to... Continue Reading →

Maa, Päivätär ja Kuutar

There is always a battle of the Gods until the Battle is Won: Taistelu on voitettu. And the Water, Fire, Earth and Air are One: Vesi, Tuli, Maa ja Ilma olevat Yksi. When the Water dances with the Earth, The... Continue Reading →

The Fruit, the Seeds and the Core

She took a huge bite out of the Fruit, and then she chewed and chewed and chewed. She took several more bites and after a short while she got to the core and kept biting, chewing and most of all... Continue Reading →


As you walk the bridge Beyond the ridge Beneath the heavenly sea Where the birds be Way up high Diamonds in the sky Fall like kisses Of long lost misses Out comes the sun Our only one From behind the... Continue Reading →

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