Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Spirit Reader

Did you read the spirits of others Who know not to keep secret covers Looking deep into their souls You gather up life from the darkest of holes Twist up their bellies as they shriek in fear You hollow them out... Continue Reading →


They separated us by Turning us against one and other By denying our wants and wishes to fit see Denying our spirit to ride free As the horses we once rode on, bareback With bow and arrow in hand We... Continue Reading →

She asked me once

She asked me once Why don't you speak? And I said nothing She asked me once Why don't you cry? And I blinked She asked me once Why don't you laugh? And I shed one tear ... Everyday she would... Continue Reading →

Holey Skin

There are holes in the skin Great caverns where love won't let in A place senseless in the small of the back Near an emptiness and a lack There is a hole where there should be feeling But going round... Continue Reading →


There upon a lonely road was heart shaped puddle She took a dive in with her thoughts which were all in a muddle The puddle was a door into another world Where everything was upside down and snails were uncurled People... Continue Reading →

The People.

First the Vikings came with myth and sword Then the church with their one book and cross Then the soviets with a promise of freedom But still feet trailed the woodland moss Then the fears of military grids became home And faith and truth was... Continue Reading →

Bad Mary

Mary returned from the magical land of Frau Holle and she was all covered in shit. Everyone in the village square stared at her and moved well out of her way. She smelled, quite bad as I'm sure you could... Continue Reading →

Kaksi Karhua ja Pohjantähti

  ALKU: Kauan ajan sitten, istui pieni karhu kuutamolla. Hän istui maailman käsiinsä, ja ikävöi aamua tulla. Hän katsoi maailmaa ja antoi sen pyöriä. Ympäri ja ympäri maailma meni, ja nopeammin ja nopeammin. Hän pyöriä voimakkasti; se alkoi pyöritys käsistä.... Continue Reading →

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