Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Do you remember the first time you got a watch? Shiney, new, and all yours to own. Do you remember how it stole your heart? Running away in a stone ridden cart Dividing it up into six equal pieces. And... Continue Reading →


I carry the scars of the dead Of the silence, without voice I carry the last remains of my line I carry all their stories So no one else need bare them

Touch to Sound

Feel the song Hear the strike Touch the beat Listen to the stroke Ears can feel What skin can deal Touch and sound Go round and round From sense to fear Yet still I shed no tear


How many words can you stomach? How many words can you count? Which words make your heart ache? And which words are paramount? Are there words that shed tears? Or last the test of time for years? Is it their order... Continue Reading →


You will billow and dance In the wind as we please For we are the spirits Of the trees You will spin round and round On the ground For we are the spirits Of the sound You stand so still Finding your... Continue Reading →

Sound Man

He comes from far away To remind us to play Wishing all could whole be While connected and free He is of air, sea and earth Knowing of things like life's worth Seeing all the sides together Through doe eyes in rainbow weather... Continue Reading →

The Sleuth

There is a sleuth Searching for truth With her head in a book Solving mysteries with a critical look She enjoys a walk And talks the talk Doing her best to take life in stride With arms stretched out open and wide This... Continue Reading →

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