Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Gravity is the sound of a spin It keeps you earthed with a din Nothing like the clash of thunder More like a silent sunder It spins the earth around the star And all the planets near and far With the... Continue Reading →


They want it They crave it They want all you've got They don't know why they feel such rot In their bellies lying empty and hollow Down to the pits they will ye follow Oh rose, flower, lily and fairy... Continue Reading →

Breath to Smell

Breathe it up to the fork in the road Where two becomes one The smell of a fresh lawn mowed Breathe it high to where the brow and nose meet Then take it down to the soles of your feet... Continue Reading →

Great Grandmother

I was two when our eyes locked Then the wind changed as I rocked Not long after your spirit fled And you left your body dead But I carried on your message well I carried long a magic spell All the... Continue Reading →

Free Flowers

For you I danced and darkness romanced In the early hours we did tumble while the roots did rumble But too long on my toes falling on my nose My flower torn, broken and forlorn From mother dear I Iearnt... Continue Reading →


Unsatisfied Lacking Never enough Forever wanting Always reaching Never giving without taking Never offering without grabbing Never granting without demanding Never building without destroying She who rises from the Earth The snake lady Kundalini Rising out of the Earth With... Continue Reading →

Apples and Potatoes

Apples and potatoes are two staple food sources in Europe in the last hundred plus years. And in Dutch, potatoes are called Ardappel: earth apple, or apple of the earth. Potatoes can last through the winter in a cellar, and apples... Continue Reading →

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