Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Do you remember the first time you got a watch? Shiney, new, and all yours to own. Do you remember how it stole your heart? Running away in a stone ridden cart Dividing it up into six equal pieces. And... Continue Reading →


Will they love you to the point of breaking Will they find your soul for taking Will they hollow you out from outside in With a great roaring mindless din Or will you keep your word to the earth Find... Continue Reading →

The English Fold

The English prude can be rather rude, with a stiff upper lip, while tea sip. As someone tells a tale they wrote, it really does get their goat. But its not worth holding your breath for them to change their... Continue Reading →

The Voice

Your voice gives away all that is inside All the things you wish to hide It tells me of your hopes and fears All the times you've held back the tears It tells me of your roots and bones All your sorrows... Continue Reading →


+ - Plus Minus Positive Negative Cation Anion Proton Electron On Off Open Closed Circuit Complete Broken My mind thinks My heart beats My life breathes My soul feels My roots know I am a battery of acid and base To... Continue Reading →

The Kathlera

She feels the charge in the air Breathing souls anew with care The Kathlera has taken the path To release those from the prism's wrath Who have locked themselves in a cage Now only to rattle and rage She braids... Continue Reading →

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