Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Dear Heart

She was the daughter of a blacksmith For her heart was cold and hard She walked with a steady pace Close to her chest was a card Her eyes dark and empty For sense was lost to stone Only in... Continue Reading →


Don't look at me like a piecemeal Something to take and steal Don't look at me like something you hunger Like your mother's breast when you were much younger Don't give me that wolfish grin Or rattle me with your one... Continue Reading →

Cold Fire

Most people do not talk about cold fire Only about the heat of fury and indignation They talk about an eternal flame Perhaps in some god's name But once in a while they talk about a cool head Calm and... Continue Reading →


In the quiet as I lay, feeling myself from within, searching parts of myself that have been long dead, tracing consciousness through my nervous system, finding feelings long buried, feelings that were crushed, suffocated and damaged. From my mind's eye... Continue Reading →

Star Child

The world will tell you stories of what you should be The world will tell you stories of what you should see But I will tell you nothing and let you decide alone For I am mother earth and the... Continue Reading →


Who was Tom Where was he from What was the story That brought down the glory Why is that name so familiar Of something bigger The one who pulled the trigger Who was that red haired man With a grin... Continue Reading →

A Dark Star

It took a great witch To take a religious man to stitch Who was lost in falsities And womanising monstrosities For our kind were bought and sold With hearts callous, cold and old You were brave but lost your will... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Lies

Tell me a story tell it well Make it true, break the spell For if you tell me a tall tall tale I will see your face fall and fail In your telling I see the lies Your face I grow... Continue Reading →


I have made my peace Letting you go There was nothing I could ever do To please or satisfy you I should have done less But I only just learnt that lesson In these last few years Long ago it was never... Continue Reading →

She who forgot

She who has forgotten to kiss the earth with her feet She who has forgotten how to walk a lifetime upon the earth She who has forgotten to seek the earth between her toes She who has forgotten to grow roots into... Continue Reading →

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