Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Spirit Reader

Did you read the spirits of others Who know not to keep secret covers Looking deep into their souls You gather up life from the darkest of holes Twist up their bellies as they shriek in fear You hollow them out... Continue Reading →

The Yawn

She came from the darkness Through a great yawn Along with the chaos And a young faun The skys roared asunder The earth cracked with thunder Wolves howled to the heavens In rhythms of five, sixes and sevens She flooded the noise... Continue Reading →

Good eye

Do you see through the lens with your good eye or bad? Which do you use when your are mad or sad? Do you prefer your left or your right? As you face down the glass that bends light Or do... Continue Reading →


You will billow and dance In the wind as we please For we are the spirits Of the trees You will spin round and round On the ground For we are the spirits Of the sound You stand so still Finding your... Continue Reading →

The Tardis

To grow a Tardis from inside to out First a square needs to sprout Then five more to grow a cube Looking like an angular tube Find its wings on all corners Breaking out the inner borders Out they spread... Continue Reading →

Cheery numbers

A cheery number Grows on a tree Count them Count them One, two, three! Some hang alone, in pairs or threes High upon the tops of trees They love to chatter in the breeze Calling to the Sun, please, please, please!... Continue Reading →

Sound Man

He comes from far away To remind us to play Wishing all could whole be While connected and free He is of air, sea and earth Knowing of things like life's worth Seeing all the sides together Through doe eyes in rainbow weather... Continue Reading →

The Dark Rider

A dark rider flies alone For grim he is in blood and bone With a raven on his wing Through a flute does he sing This dark rider is stubborn Morbid and forlorn But he cares for his ken With... Continue Reading →

Looking for Magik like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Today I stumbled upon a squirrel in an exacting dwelling. The little squirrel was giving a tour, it ended up being quite a bumpy tour into the magical and mysterious where the... Continue Reading →

Thrown into the Pit and came out alive

On Monday the 26th I got a lift to the Pit, some 400 km north of Hell. I was going there to spend time with a friend and finish putting together the demo of our online game in Finnish. The... Continue Reading →

The Kathlera

She feels the charge in the air Breathing souls anew with care The Kathlera has taken the path To release those from the prism's wrath Who have locked themselves in a cage Now only to rattle and rage She braids... Continue Reading →



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