Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




They want it They crave it They want all you've got They don't know why they feel such rot In their bellies lying empty and hollow Down to the pits they will ye follow Oh rose, flower, lily and fairy... Continue Reading →

The English Fold

The English prude can be rather rude, with a stiff upper lip, while tea sip. As someone tells a tale they wrote, it really does get their goat. But its not worth holding your breath for them to change their... Continue Reading →


As I try to unravel the tales I was told From years ago when fear took hold The war within fought and raged Like a lone wolf tortured and caged Rediscovering my envy and greed Tracking back who planted the... Continue Reading →

Free Flowers

For you I danced and darkness romanced In the early hours we did tumble while the roots did rumble But too long on my toes falling on my nose My flower torn, broken and forlorn From mother dear I Iearnt... Continue Reading →

A Shaman’s Verse

Who are you to me? Or should I let it be But the same faces keep reappearing Into my heart searing Round and round the Wheel goes When it stops no one knows But the same faces come again As... Continue Reading →

The Lily’s Destruction

The beautiful Lilies are being cut and torn Left abandoned, destroyed and forlorn A crusible against Gaya's joy and pleasure To mutilate the World's most precious treasure These Lilies are being plucked awake and alive By their own mother's hand... Continue Reading →


In the dirt the Demons grow Knowing all the to and fro The Spiders creep The Worms weep And the Ants crawl While the earth sound drawl In the moon,┬ásing and dance With the Snake in a trance When the... Continue Reading →

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