Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




This is nothing but data A string of keys on a screen A series of dots trapped in light Burning squares into the mind.

Good eye

Do you see through the lens with your good eye or bad? Which do you use when your are mad or sad? Do you prefer your left or your right? As you face down the glass that bends light Or do... Continue Reading →

Cold Fire

Most people do not talk about cold fire Only about the heat of fury and indignation They talk about an eternal flame Perhaps in some god's name But once in a while they talk about a cool head Calm and... Continue Reading →


Look up at the stars when the sun has sailed over the horizon. Some call this moment in time: Night. But far in the North when the snow has fallen, the lakes freeze and the wind stills; the Sun gives... Continue Reading →


The Python has found its way into my den Asking me to multiply ten A familiar anxiety creeps in As the light gets dim The code of logic graces my dome Lining up my senseless home As numbers find their... Continue Reading →


They first showed me an anointed cross With grand old words like a boss I folded their cross to make a box Like wooden toy blocks They tried with all their might To lock me in good and tight But I turned... Continue Reading →

Binary Land

There is a whole universe going on just under our noses. It is the universe of lights. Each light holds one tiny piece of information: ON or OFF. When the light is OFF it is asleep, when ON it is... Continue Reading →


Each thought is like a star sending light beams near and far With photonic messages in different sized packages Some big some small just like a telephone call But there are no wires, cables or fibers Nor are the sounds... Continue Reading →


As you walk the bridge Beyond the ridge Beneath the heavenly sea Where the birds be Way up high Diamonds in the sky Fall like kisses Of long lost misses Out comes the sun Our only one From behind the... Continue Reading →

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