Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Goodbye Summer

The taste of fresh cream cheese One grain of salt A cup of clear spring water Sunset on the last warm night Fresh bread drizzled with avocado oil A carrot stick A slice of cucumber And a wedge of watermelon... Continue Reading →


Why are so many of us disconnected from the gravity of earth With voices so high and have dismantled the hearth Walking on stilts or lumbering alone Carrying one heaving stone What are we afraid of when we cannot sit... Continue Reading →

One and all

All the churches have twisted our bodies into shards of reflection, disembodying the mind from the body, blood and spirit, all in the name of the one. No wonder our world is in shatters, and broken up into pieces of... Continue Reading →

The body

There is so much more to life than the desperate need to procreate and domesticate.

A Solitary Existence

Sometimes I think the greatest challenge, Is to live a solitary existence, And be at peace.

Life is simple

Always be the agent of your own heart And deal with what's in front of you Everything else is optional.

Earth’s Engine

There is a hum down below It is deeper than where roots grow It is a drum going round and round Churning and burning with a sound Crashing and tumbling Roaring and soaring Burning and churning Round it goes The... Continue Reading →

Let them run

Let them run run Let them play in the sun Just let me have my peace and sense So I can take down the fence.


When I see a new face From far away I am reminded of tales From yesterday Of how I was once a slave in chains Or riding a horse free and wild before highway lanes Or perhaps a pirate or... Continue Reading →


How to be idle With thoughts in a bumble While feelings rumble humble and tumble How to be idle When you're in chaotic thoughts But your body is broken And all tied up in naughts How to lie still With... Continue Reading →

Sugar & Milk

Sugar and milk Smooth as silk Runs through like plasma When you have found your chiasma Sugar and milk Smooth as silk Flows through a system So you can resist him Sugar and milk Smooth as silk A voice so... Continue Reading →

Emotional Colour

Hiding your feelings behind a lense Where your mind begins and ends In the middle of your scull You become square and dull Never even knowing what you truly feel Instead a rational of the cards you deal Never feeling from deep roots... Continue Reading →

Triadic loop

The victim The aggressor The believer In a dance they all play A song since the hey of day Blaming one and blaming all Until the tower does crumble and fall In a triad they do dance Like the courts... Continue Reading →


The cycle between your head and your heart Is not a bad place to start You can go round and round But you will never touch the ground You must go further to your roots Where is all the treasure... Continue Reading →

Top of the hill

When you talk of light Without the dark When you talk of good Without the bad When you talk of joy Without fear When you talk of day Without the night You are only living At the top of the... Continue Reading →


Go off into your daily job While you go and soul rob Playing games of clown and jester As long as you not I pester I have greater dreams to master So we may have a future faster I have... Continue Reading →

The spirit bringer

I know you. You long to carry the remains of my dead. You lack the parts I carry in my heart and head. It is my excess which you lack. As you haul your empty burdensome sack. You are incomplete, a... Continue Reading →

Wolf people

The people who look at you in the eyes Balanced with sense from sole to spine Nothing to hide and nothing to fear They know the world from ear to ear Words come from the heart With a rhythm of a... Continue Reading →

Feet beat

Can you feel what is beneath your feet? A flowing feeling where your sole and heart meet A gentle rhythm and a flow When the blood goes down below To move it up again to the power of 10 Say... Continue Reading →

Golden Thread

The golden thread weaves through all Making one grow small or tall It finds its way though matter and time Weaving thoughts of rhythm and rhyme It takes what you know and makes it clear With water it serves the brave... Continue Reading →

Breath to Smell

Breathe it up to the fork in the road Where two becomes one The smell of a fresh lawn mowed Breathe it high to where the brow and nose meet Then take it down to the soles of your feet... Continue Reading →


Be smarter, read more Glasses Faster faster faster Running shoes Scream to get heard Corsetry Be taller to get noticed High heels Play a role Make up Shove the competition out of the way Muscle building Stay on the straight... Continue Reading →


Being punished for who you are Is the cruelest thing to do by far And though worse yet Is to hurt yourself Because you know of nothing else

From top to bottom

Making logic of madness is the scientist's pursuit To rationalise and quantify every moment as moot But the artist accepts some things cannot be counted And seeks through nature's sense All the cracks and crevasses The masons wedged with lies and numbers... Continue Reading →

Finding Grace

Grace was never home Always out and about Could never sit still Unbelonging and ill How to find something that does not exist In my world? How to find pause? A silent peace The tightness in my chest Always present,... Continue Reading →

Bad Mary

Mary returned from the magical land of Frau Holle and she was all covered in shit. Everyone in the village square stared at her and moved well out of her way. She smelled, quite bad as I'm sure you could... Continue Reading →


How do I get these rhymes out of my head Each night they stop me from going to bed Like the endless beating drum With the longing drone of a hum On and on in my mind Words coming out from somewhere... Continue Reading →

Inner voice

The words in your mind When you are blind Windows closed Cheeks rosed Lips sealed Soul revealed Mind's eyes pealed Knees and hips steady In time to be ready The tone deep and low From where toes and arches grow... Continue Reading →


How many words can you stomach? How many words can you count? Which words make your heart ache? And which words are paramount? Are there words that shed tears? Or last the test of time for years? Is it their order... Continue Reading →


G3     A3   G3 Who will stay? F3     G3    F3...E3 And who will go? G3     A3   G3 Who will stay? F3  E3       D3 I     don't know. F3... Continue Reading →

After thought

There is a thought and then an after thought The "by the way" The "I've got nothing to do so do you want to meet?" The feeling of boredom and "what now?" The vacuum in your life you fill with excrement... Continue Reading →


I've never felt at home on earth Walking never felt natural Running even less so Swimming was a struggle And floating a challenge Perhaps I was never meant to live But those about me insisted that I must try to... Continue Reading →

Labour pains

Why do some work hard? While others not. Why do some toil? And others not. Even two in the same station, May be rewarded differently for the same situation. What is it that gives some more? While others receive less. Or... Continue Reading →


I will tell you a story of a little lost soul Who climbed a very high pole I will tell you of a lass who was born Worthless and dire and utterly forlorn I will tell you of a child all... Continue Reading →


Tears can be shed Crying can overwhelm Weeping can consume Or wail and wallow With a sunken chest all her misery swallow Or if she breathes with the heave of a barge Her chest will barrel rather large And if... Continue Reading →


In the quiet as I lay, feeling myself from within, searching parts of myself that have been long dead, tracing consciousness through my nervous system, finding feelings long buried, feelings that were crushed, suffocated and damaged. From my mind's eye... Continue Reading →

The book of life

Writing my fate into the book of life Changing the lines on my hands Like running waters of flooded lands With every stroke of my quill Feeling the wind, still Capturing moments in the air Most of which are unaware... Continue Reading →


Home was a place of duty Love lived in the loin and belly War raged and was put into children Souls were crushed Voices silenced Hearts robbed And I know it began a long time ago When her temple was... Continue Reading →


How to close the door when a wedge holds it open? How to burn a bridge when the river bank has burst? How to walk away when the wrist is cuffed to the opponent's? Closure is often rarely complete Either... Continue Reading →

Tick tock

There is a clock inside my head When I close my eyes and lay in bed Like a fob watch it goes tick tock As steady as a charged quartz rock Crystal clear is the beat As I feel the... Continue Reading →

The Voice

Your voice gives away all that is inside All the things you wish to hide It tells me of your hopes and fears All the times you've held back the tears It tells me of your roots and bones All your sorrows... Continue Reading →


As I try to unravel the tales I was told From years ago when fear took hold The war within fought and raged Like a lone wolf tortured and caged Rediscovering my envy and greed Tracking back who planted the... Continue Reading →


Do I offend you with my tales Making you feel sick with ails Questioning all you hold dear Through your heart I do sear With a golden arrow straight and true It goes directly into you While you wail and seethe Struggling... Continue Reading →

Master’s Feces

My friends all talk about their Master's Theses Frankly, it sounds like rock hard feces While sitting on a hollow stool Feeling like an utter fool Wanting to empty from being full At the same time, playing it cool As you pick... Continue Reading →


Is man so feeble that he still longs for his mother's breast? Is man so bitter that he needs candy to sweeten his word? Is man so limited in mind and spirit that he needs softness and curves to comfort... Continue Reading →


I come from a people who count When the warriors create life discount We would hid in cellars with books and tellers To count the numbers in life While above goes on mayhem and strife For centuries we would hide and run... Continue Reading →


How do I fill a hole That was hollow from the start How do I mend a heart That could never beat on its own How do I stop the moan Grinding away inside my gut How do I get out... Continue Reading →

Two Points

The shortest path between two points is a straight line. But is it the fastest line? Is it the smoothest line? Is it the safest line? Is it the path of least resistance? Or is it the most dangerous road? The... Continue Reading →


+ - Plus Minus Positive Negative Cation Anion Proton Electron On Off Open Closed Circuit Complete Broken My mind thinks My heart beats My life breathes My soul feels My roots know I am a battery of acid and base To... Continue Reading →

Grinding down

Bit by bit my soul did chip By words and sounds and tied up bounds There was hole where should have been a magnetic pole With feelings hollow, in the darkness to follow Why did you choose the words to use? To break... Continue Reading →


You create that which you are But you are broken So you broke me I was fine You broke me I was thirsty Not hungry I cried for thirst Not hunger I cried for company Not a drive I cried... Continue Reading →


I have made my peace Letting you go There was nothing I could ever do To please or satisfy you I should have done less But I only just learnt that lesson In these last few years Long ago it was never... Continue Reading →


Here I sit between heaven and hell Like a child with stories to tell Mother on my left, Father on my right As I hold the reigns good and tight Father wields a mighty sword Crafted near the deepest fjord While Mother's sword rose from... Continue Reading →


Unsatisfied Lacking Never enough Forever wanting Always reaching Never giving without taking Never offering without grabbing Never granting without demanding Never building without destroying She who rises from the Earth The snake lady Kundalini Rising out of the Earth With... Continue Reading →


In shame you walk the river of emptiness In rage you burn into nothing Through guilt you weave a lifelong shadow And by fear you stand -- meaningless Twisting in a trance Knotting up in a firm stance Since the beginning of time and... Continue Reading →

Why fly?

Why can't I fly Way up high? Why can't I reach far To a flying star? Why can't I jump Up to the camels hump? And why can't I see angels fly Till I die? Why? Why? Why? Can't you... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Oh happy birthday What a busy busy day When I was pushed out With a scream and a shout Grunting and moaning Heaving and groaning I was squeezed and shoved Feeling very unloved Why did I have to come out then? It wasn't yet my... Continue Reading →


The Lohikäärme, the spirit of the land, come in the dark months when the crown of the northern lands lights up the sky. They charge the waters, the rivers, streams and lakes with the Fire of the Sun. The Lohikäärme... Continue Reading →

Money, Honey

Debt is an emotional blackmailing illusion To maintain a financial delusion It keeps our noses to the ground With the thinking that money makes the world go round What would tomorrow be If we all declared bankruptcy Could we press... Continue Reading →

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