Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



The body

There is so much more to life than the desperate need to procreate and domesticate.

Water, Roots and Roses

Do you remember long ago Standing rocking to and fro Allowing water to trickle down To the toes from your crown Holding a cup of precious water Like it was earth's living daughter Feeling one with the earth Remembering your... Continue Reading →

Triadic loop

The victim The aggressor The believer In a dance they all play A song since the hey of day Blaming one and blaming all Until the tower does crumble and fall In a triad they do dance Like the courts... Continue Reading →


The cycle between your head and your heart Is not a bad place to start You can go round and round But you will never touch the ground You must go further to your roots Where is all the treasure... Continue Reading →


The masked soul watching the world pass Far away behind polished glass Like a spark, small and unseen Scrutinizing, critical, precise and mean Shaved to points and thin dashes Turning life's spontaneity into ashes As people talk about the glass ceiling Breaking down... Continue Reading →

Stories in my bones

There are stories in my bones, the ones full of old memories, the ones that make me dance the same dance over and over and over. A long time ago I was up rooted and dropped onto a desert island and... Continue Reading →

The Red Elven Village

In the old town of Sinking Hell, where carpets once flew, is a hidden dwelling for travellers. This psychedelic spiral home is in an area of wooden houses, there are learning centres near by, as well as a shopping centre,... Continue Reading →

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