Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




They want it They crave it They want all you've got They don't know why they feel such rot In their bellies lying empty and hollow Down to the pits they will ye follow Oh rose, flower, lily and fairy... Continue Reading →

Breath to Smell

Breathe it up to the fork in the road Where two becomes one The smell of a fresh lawn mowed Breathe it high to where the brow and nose meet Then take it down to the soles of your feet... Continue Reading →


Love Forget-Me-Not The clouds in the sky Forget-Me-Not Till the day to die Lemmikki Älä unohda minua Pilvet taivaalla Älä unohda minua Asti päivä kuolella Love Forget-Me-Not The flowers of spring Forget-Me-Not The small voices sing Lemmikki Älä unohda minua Kukat kevät... Continue Reading →

Free Flowers

For you I danced and darkness romanced In the early hours we did tumble while the roots did rumble But too long on my toes falling on my nose My flower torn, broken and forlorn From mother dear I Iearnt... Continue Reading →

Rape Seed

Seeds are planted To grow fields of life giving flowers Making the world grow round They blossom yellow bright In the field they delight But one last frost comes before the midsummer night Scarring and ravaging all blooms but one There... Continue Reading →

The Fruit, the Seeds and the Core

She took a huge bite out of the Fruit, and then she chewed and chewed and chewed. She took several more bites and after a short while she got to the core and kept biting, chewing and most of all... Continue Reading →

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