Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Being punished for who you are Is the cruelest thing to do by far And though worse yet Is to hurt yourself Because you know of nothing else

Woman’s voice

The woman's voice is locked up in the academic circle Within the humanities and arts like a tightly woven girdle What about the sciences of chemistry, mathematics and physics Where men still rules the literature of the ages As I flick... Continue Reading →


From the soles of your feet they reach Pressing your soft spots as they preach Going into places where they do not belong Finding all the spaces where you sing your own song To make you bend over and groan Gutting your... Continue Reading →


They took away my voice Along with my choice Fed me rot From the fat friar's pot They tried to fill my head With stories of men long dead With privilege and title Sword and rifle Heaving with books And scowling looks... Continue Reading →


They will call you names from heaven to hell They will harass and tease to weaken your knees They will pull your hair, one nerve at a time Or make you hoarse, until you only mime They will put you... Continue Reading →


How to respect? When there is nothing to expect? How can it be something to earn? Or even something to yearn? It is rarely on display Only when the like-minded together play Not sharing it with everyone Only those who... Continue Reading →

The Princess

What stories did you hear as you curled up in bed? What stories did fill your little head? What words were used to fill your belly? Or were you brain washed by the telly?   Telling you what to think and feel Using love... Continue Reading →

Ode to the Director

There is something I would like to say About how you brought me here today With your precise description Of feminine position Of womanly wiles To show how to clean tiles Or how to bake a cake With enormous boobs, how fake!... Continue Reading →

A Dark Star

It took a great witch To take a religious man to stitch Who was lost in falsities And womanising monstrosities For our kind were bought and sold With hearts callous, cold and old You were brave but lost your will... Continue Reading →

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