Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Blow and Grow

Hold your brew steady Until it is ready Give yourself thyme to grow So your mind can reach your toe Gently blow a wind, over your steaming cup So one day you can tell bottom from up!


How to be idle With thoughts in a bumble While feelings rumble humble and tumble How to be idle When you're in chaotic thoughts But your body is broken And all tied up in naughts How to lie still With... Continue Reading →

Emotional Colour

Hiding your feelings behind a lense Where your mind begins and ends In the middle of your scull You become square and dull Never even knowing what you truly feel Instead a rational of the cards you deal Never feeling from deep roots... Continue Reading →

I Like You

I looked into your eyes And shook your hand A distant gaze Across the land From soul to soul My mind did wander Through the keyhole Over yonder I felt you And you felt me It was on cue Electricity I... Continue Reading →

Feet beat

Can you feel what is beneath your feet? A flowing feeling where your sole and heart meet A gentle rhythm and a flow When the blood goes down below To move it up again to the power of 10 Say... Continue Reading →


I gave you the best years of my life   And you blew me away   I showed you the stars, the moon and the golden sun   And you blew them away   I showed you my way You blew... Continue Reading →

Holey Skin

There are holes in the skin Great caverns where love won't let in A place senseless in the small of the back Near an emptiness and a lack There is a hole where there should be feeling But going round... Continue Reading →

Trade in Time

She traded in nothing as tedious as minerals Nor as dependent as animals And though she would gift a plant or two She would not trade in them either, do But she would collect feelings, memories and secrets Keep them... Continue Reading →


Tears can be shed Crying can overwhelm Weeping can consume Or wail and wallow With a sunken chest all her misery swallow Or if she breathes with the heave of a barge Her chest will barrel rather large And if... Continue Reading →

The Strangest Clown

Clowns come in all shapes and sizes And they can be full of surprises Nothing ever goes quite right But for a clown that is a delight Some like to dance While others prance Some like to sit While others... Continue Reading →


The arch of my sole tickled pink To stay high and firm, never sink Behind my knees were strong, not weak From a game of hide and seek Thighs hungered for a trunk to grip So one day I would sway, not trip ... But... Continue Reading →


In shame you walk the river of emptiness In rage you burn into nothing Through guilt you weave a lifelong shadow And by fear you stand -- meaningless Twisting in a trance Knotting up in a firm stance Since the beginning of time and... Continue Reading →


Push Pull Tense Release Hold On - Let Go Bounce Down Up You shout I tense I punch You cry You take my hand I spin you round Then we sing Finally we fly What is it - that thing flying... Continue Reading →

The Kathlera

She feels the charge in the air Breathing souls anew with care The Kathlera has taken the path To release those from the prism's wrath Who have locked themselves in a cage Now only to rattle and rage She braids... Continue Reading →

Cruely Kind Candyman

He was kindly cruel Offering candy not gruel Granting all wishes Including doing the dishes! Then one a sunny day he left With your independence theft You lay helpless and wanting Lost in thoughts haunting Arms now weak and disabled... Continue Reading →

Seven Dwarves

Once upon a time, living in the middle of the woods were seven dwarves: Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy and Doc. They made a home inside an old burnt out Red Wood. Each had their names on their beds.... Continue Reading →

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