Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Lost Words

Words once meant something But now they are empty, hollow and bare Words long ago carried a tune But now they are just full of hot air Words once were carried near and far But now all they say "let's... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Summer

The taste of fresh cream cheese One grain of salt A cup of clear spring water Sunset on the last warm night Fresh bread drizzled with avocado oil A carrot stick A slice of cucumber And a wedge of watermelon... Continue Reading →


Why are so many of us disconnected from the gravity of earth With voices so high and have dismantled the hearth Walking on stilts or lumbering alone Carrying one heaving stone What are we afraid of when we cannot sit... Continue Reading →

Feel it

I want to feel the world, through my feet As I kiss the land, with each step The tingle of gravity The knowledge of thyme The wholeness of the earth As its song passes through me Like rich dirt passing... Continue Reading →

Blow and Grow

Hold your brew steady Until it is ready Give yourself thyme to grow So your mind can reach your toe Gently blow a wind, over your steaming cup So one day you can tell bottom from up!


Gravity is the sound of a spin It keeps you earthed with a din Nothing like the clash of thunder More like a silent sunder It spins the earth around the star And all the planets near and far With the... Continue Reading →

Earth’s Engine

There is a hum down below It is deeper than where roots grow It is a drum going round and round Churning and burning with a sound Crashing and tumbling Roaring and soaring Burning and churning Round it goes The... Continue Reading →

Water, Roots and Roses

Do you remember long ago Standing rocking to and fro Allowing water to trickle down To the toes from your crown Holding a cup of precious water Like it was earth's living daughter Feeling one with the earth Remembering your... Continue Reading →


When I see a new face From far away I am reminded of tales From yesterday Of how I was once a slave in chains Or riding a horse free and wild before highway lanes Or perhaps a pirate or... Continue Reading →

Four points

They stuck me with daggers Four They stuck me well and true In heart, liver, gut and thigh They stuck me well, but I would not cry They went in deep and would not stop Until my heart finally did... Continue Reading →

I am / Olen

I am U are Earth spins Until time stops Like frozen crystals And I could see beyond the looking pond Olen Olet Maa kiertä Kun aika loppua Kuin pakastettu ukonkivi Ja voisin nähdä yli lasin lämpi


They separated us by Turning us against one and other By denying our wants and wishes to fit see Denying our spirit to ride free As the horses we once rode on, bareback With bow and arrow in hand We... Continue Reading →

Triadic loop

The victim The aggressor The believer In a dance they all play A song since the hey of day Blaming one and blaming all Until the tower does crumble and fall In a triad they do dance Like the courts... Continue Reading →


The cycle between your head and your heart Is not a bad place to start You can go round and round But you will never touch the ground You must go further to your roots Where is all the treasure... Continue Reading →

Top of the hill

When you talk of light Without the dark When you talk of good Without the bad When you talk of joy Without fear When you talk of day Without the night You are only living At the top of the... Continue Reading →

Warriors of Earth

Once we were warriors And they came with their tales Once we were warriors And they came with their lies Once we were warriors And they twisted our stories Once we were warriors And they molested our souls But we... Continue Reading →


Water fire air earth ether Feel it in the calmest weather When the charge goes round and round You can feel it from the ground Spinning fire in the air When the skin and hair are bare In the sun... Continue Reading →


Will they love you to the point of breaking Will they find your soul for taking Will they hollow you out from outside in With a great roaring mindless din Or will you keep your word to the earth Find... Continue Reading →


Red as blood Gold as plasma Brown as dirt Can you find the chiasma? From top to bottom Down below What you get When you can no longer grow Up and down And back again Can you find The place... Continue Reading →


Breathe to save time With wings folded back together Stop to make time Feel the heart beat Stand in the sand In time to the earth spinning Floating out of time And space

Inner voice

The words in your mind When you are blind Windows closed Cheeks rosed Lips sealed Soul revealed Mind's eyes pealed Knees and hips steady In time to be ready The tone deep and low From where toes and arches grow... Continue Reading →


I've never felt at home on earth Walking never felt natural Running even less so Swimming was a struggle And floating a challenge Perhaps I was never meant to live But those about me insisted that I must try to... Continue Reading →

Cold Fire

Most people do not talk about cold fire Only about the heat of fury and indignation They talk about an eternal flame Perhaps in some god's name But once in a while they talk about a cool head Calm and... Continue Reading →

The Goldflake

Once upon a time lived a fleck of gold, and her name was, well you guessed it, Goldflake. She lived deep inside a rock, deep in the bottom of the ocean. She was quite content, minding her own business, quite... Continue Reading →


I will tell you a story of a little lost soul Who climbed a very high pole I will tell you of a lass who was born Worthless and dire and utterly forlorn I will tell you of a child all... Continue Reading →


In the quiet as I lay, feeling myself from within, searching parts of myself that have been long dead, tracing consciousness through my nervous system, finding feelings long buried, feelings that were crushed, suffocated and damaged. From my mind's eye... Continue Reading →

The Princess

What stories did you hear as you curled up in bed? What stories did fill your little head? What words were used to fill your belly? Or were you brain washed by the telly?   Telling you what to think and feel Using love... Continue Reading →


As I try to unravel the tales I was told From years ago when fear took hold The war within fought and raged Like a lone wolf tortured and caged Rediscovering my envy and greed Tracking back who planted the... Continue Reading →


Do I offend you with my tales Making you feel sick with ails Questioning all you hold dear Through your heart I do sear With a golden arrow straight and true It goes directly into you While you wail and seethe Struggling... Continue Reading →

Star Child

The world will tell you stories of what you should be The world will tell you stories of what you should see But I will tell you nothing and let you decide alone For I am mother earth and the... Continue Reading →


+ - Plus Minus Positive Negative Cation Anion Proton Electron On Off Open Closed Circuit Complete Broken My mind thinks My heart beats My life breathes My soul feels My roots know I am a battery of acid and base To... Continue Reading →


one tooth from a shark another tooth from a broken man a third tooth from the other man the forth tooth from a medicine man And two molars from me enshrouded in earth, grass and golden hearts

The Lost Soul, the Wolf and the Ghost

Who do you see when you look at a reflection? What do you know when you search for your heart? What do you feel when you walk the earth? Is your soul dark and full of hunger? Are your thoughts full of rage? Are... Continue Reading →

Grinding down

Bit by bit my soul did chip By words and sounds and tied up bounds There was hole where should have been a magnetic pole With feelings hollow, in the darkness to follow Why did you choose the words to use? To break... Continue Reading →


Three-Six-Nine Triangle-Hexagon-Nonagon Try to find the words to break a hex For all the squares they perplex Non you shall find in crosses of churches But perhaps in a forest full of birches Stay out of rooms of 90 degree angle... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Lies

Tell me a story tell it well Make it true, break the spell For if you tell me a tall tall tale I will see your face fall and fail In your telling I see the lies Your face I grow... Continue Reading →


Unsatisfied Lacking Never enough Forever wanting Always reaching Never giving without taking Never offering without grabbing Never granting without demanding Never building without destroying She who rises from the Earth The snake lady Kundalini Rising out of the Earth With... Continue Reading →

She who forgot

She who has forgotten to kiss the earth with her feet She who has forgotten how to walk a lifetime upon the earth She who has forgotten to seek the earth between her toes She who has forgotten to grow roots into... Continue Reading →

The Fallen – a lyrical biography

A child born with eyes of blue Soon they turned a honey-like hue Changing in the light From day to the night Forever crying with all her might This child a changling child A little kind and heartly wild Walked the Earth in... Continue Reading →


The Lohikäärme, the spirit of the land, come in the dark months when the crown of the northern lands lights up the sky. They charge the waters, the rivers, streams and lakes with the Fire of the Sun. The Lohikäärme... Continue Reading →

Maa, Päivätär ja Kuutar

There is always a battle of the Gods until the Battle is Won: Taistelu on voitettu. And the Water, Fire, Earth and Air are One: Vesi, Tuli, Maa ja Ilma olevat Yksi. When the Water dances with the Earth, The... Continue Reading →

Four Pigs

Once upon a time, in the past or the future or somewhere in between, lived four pigs. Each pig lived alone, in his own big house. One pig lived in a house of straw, as the old tales go; the... Continue Reading →


In the dirt the Demons grow Knowing all the to and fro The Spiders creep The Worms weep And the Ants crawl While the earth sound drawl In the moon, sing and dance With the Snake in a trance When the... Continue Reading →

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