Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Dying well

There are many ways to go To the other realm Perhaps you may quietly go in your sleep When your heart makes it's final bleep Or maybe you'll get shot out into space And get blown up to fly in... Continue Reading →

Four points

They stuck me with daggers Four They stuck me well and true In heart, liver, gut and thigh They stuck me well, but I would not cry They went in deep and would not stop Until my heart finally did... Continue Reading →


They separated us by Turning us against one and other By denying our wants and wishes to fit see Denying our spirit to ride free As the horses we once rode on, bareback With bow and arrow in hand We... Continue Reading →


I carry the scars of the dead Of the silence, without voice I carry the last remains of my line I carry all their stories So no one else need bare them

The spirit bringer

I know you. You long to carry the remains of my dead. You lack the parts I carry in my heart and head. It is my excess which you lack. As you haul your empty burdensome sack. You are incomplete, a... Continue Reading →

Goat cheese dreams

In my chest between the cleft of my breast I felt the pull of being satisfied and full Beneath was the beat of a disturbed heart Chaos rhythms and a fearful start There your death was foretold In my heart it... Continue Reading →


Be smarter, read more Glasses Faster faster faster Running shoes Scream to get heard Corsetry Be taller to get noticed High heels Play a role Make up Shove the competition out of the way Muscle building Stay on the straight... Continue Reading →


Death is near or is she far Sitting waiting upon a star Watching you as you go about Crying and whining with a pout Or when you sit between here and nowhere And wondering if you are somewhere With her... Continue Reading →

The Giantess

Fi Φ Phở fum I smell the blood of an Engine Man Who judges others whenever he can He paces in a deliberate silence Trying with might to retain his balance He stinks of logic and paranoid sense Frankly it... Continue Reading →

In the beginning

I looked into her eyes Old eyes That have lived countless lives Since the beginning They told me of how we began How my journey will not be an easy one An then, it wasn't easy Looking into her eyes We... Continue Reading →


How to close the door when a wedge holds it open? How to burn a bridge when the river bank has burst? How to walk away when the wrist is cuffed to the opponent's? Closure is often rarely complete Either... Continue Reading →


From the room of desire Where my heart burned with fire I pulled away the planks Barricading from the ranks As another ladders landed on the wall Hearing the screams of those who did fall Shot an arrow down below... Continue Reading →


Neil wrote about Neverwhere A place that does not exist though it is everywhere In the Great Southern Red island is the Never Never A desert place of obscure mystery that can never ever Sir Barrie tells of the far away Neverland A... Continue Reading →

Doze off

Priests tell tales as long as a snowman's carrot nose Doctors tell you of your wrongs from your head down to your toes While the Chemist peddles poisons you can stuff down your hose The Florist will sell you hopes... Continue Reading →


The crows crowed their last song The earth's blowed its last wind strong With death around the corner Looking for the friend of a mourner The loveless faces full of lines Who have lost their heart down the mines They moan and groan... Continue Reading →

Just joking

It was just a joke When you did me choke It was just for fun When you left me undone It was not so serious When you struck me delirious My wings of a million petals Replaced with stones and... Continue Reading →

Great Grandmother

I was two when our eyes locked Then the wind changed as I rocked Not long after your spirit fled And you left your body dead But I carried on your message well I carried long a magic spell All the... Continue Reading →

Why fly?

Why can't I fly Way up high? Why can't I reach far To a flying star? Why can't I jump Up to the camels hump? And why can't I see angels fly Till I die? Why? Why? Why? Can't you... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Oh happy birthday What a busy busy day When I was pushed out With a scream and a shout Grunting and moaning Heaving and groaning I was squeezed and shoved Feeling very unloved Why did I have to come out then? It wasn't yet my... Continue Reading →

The Warrior

The Warrior is near When the World is in fear She will show her teeth At what lies beneath Death walks by her side On a Lion she does ride The Crow will call When the Giants fall Freedom she... Continue Reading →

The Fruit, the Seeds and the Core

She took a huge bite out of the Fruit, and then she chewed and chewed and chewed. She took several more bites and after a short while she got to the core and kept biting, chewing and most of all... Continue Reading →

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