Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Truth and Space

There is a common misconception that truth is light But truth can often be found in the solitude of darkness When all feelings converge with spirit. And the spirit is the charge of mind and matter Through the vacuum and the binding... Continue Reading →

Born to die

Some people are born to live But I was born to die If I said anything else It would be a lie Some have a purpose To save another soul But all I know is darkness A great cavernous hole... Continue Reading →

Inner voice

The words in your mind When you are blind Windows closed Cheeks rosed Lips sealed Soul revealed Mind's eyes pealed Knees and hips steady In time to be ready The tone deep and low From where toes and arches grow... Continue Reading →


She became a star when she burned like one; alone; in space; and vapid darkness.

Double Trouble

Double trouble this way comes Be prepared for marching drums For the past will come a calling When the fisher does her trawling Gathering all the poisoned fish For your meal to dish Take a dandelion weed head Blow the seeds... Continue Reading →

The Left Hand of Darkness

Right is a straight and narrow road For those who carry their own load But if you bare the world on your shoulders As one of nature's earthly soldiers You must turn to go left In the mountain's shadow cleft Between the ridges at meadow's end Going... Continue Reading →


I am the monster from under the bed I creep around when you rest your head All of your fears and nightmares reside Right by your nightlight and bedside Long ago I ran into the dark When a witch greeted... Continue Reading →

Old Soles

These feet remember things of long ago Of where I walked fast and slow Of roads, paths and ways Walking for days and days In shoes much too small Knees grazed from many a fall Every maiden, mother and crone How many times... Continue Reading →

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