Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Why doesn't walkin' feel like dancin' Why does it feel like broken fall Why doesn't walkin' feel like dancin' After all   Where did the skip go The hop in my step Where did glide slide And that time I leapt... Continue Reading →


Right up your rectum Is the perineum A place in your ass Where joy meets class A small bit of flesh Which is good to keep fresh Firm but soft Where soldiers once coughed There lives a god Who is... Continue Reading →

The Child of a Victim

I learnt to punch before I could paint I learnt to kick before I could dance I learnt to scream before I could sing I learnt to rage before I could cry From the depths of my soul But no... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Oh happy birthday What a busy busy day When I was pushed out With a scream and a shout Grunting and moaning Heaving and groaning I was squeezed and shoved Feeling very unloved Why did I have to come out then? It wasn't yet my... Continue Reading →


What is grace? And how do you fall from it? Is it when you loose your place? Or try to save face? Or is it just a name? To help you rise to fame? But wouldn't a rose smell as... Continue Reading →

Tones in Bones

The key to growing bones you see Is about life and balance and harmony I start with a blend of my favourite food They put me in just the right kind of mood Take a bottle that you can close... Continue Reading →

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