Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



The Big Bad Wolf

The Wolf kills the sheep And puts on its coat Gobbling it up All the blood it does soak Then the Wolf kills the girl deep in the wood And throws on her real red cloak After cutting of the... Continue Reading →

Woman’s voice

The woman's voice is locked up in the academic circle Within the humanities and arts like a tightly woven girdle What about the sciences of chemistry, mathematics and physics Where men still rules the literature of the ages As I flick... Continue Reading →

Girl Child

What a disappointment After all that effort A little girl with 10 fingers And 10 toes A mouth and nose But what is that between her legs Oh no, there is no penis But another set of lips But we worked... Continue Reading →


I will tell you a story of a little lost soul Who climbed a very high pole I will tell you of a lass who was born Worthless and dire and utterly forlorn I will tell you of a child all... Continue Reading →

In the beginning

I looked into her eyes Old eyes That have lived countless lives Since the beginning They told me of how we began How my journey will not be an easy one An then, it wasn't easy Looking into her eyes We... Continue Reading →


Home was a place of duty Love lived in the loin and belly War raged and was put into children Souls were crushed Voices silenced Hearts robbed And I know it began a long time ago When her temple was... Continue Reading →

The Princess

What stories did you hear as you curled up in bed? What stories did fill your little head? What words were used to fill your belly? Or were you brain washed by the telly?   Telling you what to think and feel Using love... Continue Reading →

Star Child

The world will tell you stories of what you should be The world will tell you stories of what you should see But I will tell you nothing and let you decide alone For I am mother earth and the... Continue Reading →


Is man so feeble that he still longs for his mother's breast? Is man so bitter that he needs candy to sweeten his word? Is man so limited in mind and spirit that he needs softness and curves to comfort... Continue Reading →


The Acrobat leaps onto the board With a spring in step up he soared The Pirate balanced upon the plank Before her ship was surely sank The Dancer bounds from toe to heel With the precision of a shipbuilder's keel The Fiddler fingers the... Continue Reading →

I believe in Faeries

If you believe in goblins You will grow a long greedy nose If you believe in ogres You will grow heavy stone toes If you believe in Santa Claus You will grow a fat round belly And if you believe in... Continue Reading →


Who was Tom Where was he from What was the story That brought down the glory Why is that name so familiar Of something bigger The one who pulled the trigger Who was that red haired man With a grin... Continue Reading →

The Child of a Victim

I learnt to punch before I could paint I learnt to kick before I could dance I learnt to scream before I could sing I learnt to rage before I could cry From the depths of my soul But no... Continue Reading →

A Dark Star

It took a great witch To take a religious man to stitch Who was lost in falsities And womanising monstrosities For our kind were bought and sold With hearts callous, cold and old You were brave but lost your will... Continue Reading →


You create that which you are But you are broken So you broke me I was fine You broke me I was thirsty Not hungry I cried for thirst Not hunger I cried for company Not a drive I cried... Continue Reading →


Here I sit between heaven and hell Like a child with stories to tell Mother on my left, Father on my right As I hold the reigns good and tight Father wields a mighty sword Crafted near the deepest fjord While Mother's sword rose from... Continue Reading →

She who forgot

She who has forgotten to kiss the earth with her feet She who has forgotten how to walk a lifetime upon the earth She who has forgotten to seek the earth between her toes She who has forgotten to grow roots into... Continue Reading →


It is buried in my shoulders Creeps into my knees Gripping onto my hips A wanting so great Forever longing And foreboding Unloved I am Left aside Wanting Consuming Filling Forever A bottomless hole lying deep within Like a babe... Continue Reading →


My connection is grim You taught me to swim Belly sore Always wanting more Never satisfied Wishing I had died Why did you knock on my door? Whatever for? There is a hole Instead of a steel pole I have... Continue Reading →

A Shaman’s Verse

Who are you to me? Or should I let it be But the same faces keep reappearing Into my heart searing Round and round the Wheel goes When it stops no one knows But the same faces come again As... Continue Reading →

The Fallen – a lyrical biography

A child born with eyes of blue Soon they turned a honey-like hue Changing in the light From day to the night Forever crying with all her might This child a changling child A little kind and heartly wild Walked the Earth in... Continue Reading →

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