While some look for the one God, I look for Magik. I look for the Elves, the Fae, the Hiisi, Päivitär, Lumikki, Akka and Ukko and all the other magical energies or beings in our midst.

In the nothing came an idea: hololight.

The most important thing to remember about physics, or any other science or math, is that it is all ideas, stories and imagination.

Worlds of possibilities…

…until something tangible is done with the idea.

Now let’s continue…

Here is what gods and faeries are called in physics:

(no not the yogurt like substance)

Higgs boson

I enjoy music to explore new worlds within. However, silence can also be golden.

And now that we have looked at what is very small, and looked deep inside ourselves, let us explore the very humongously gargantuan entity known as the black hole. And for some idea as to what it is: look in the mirror deep into your own eyes for there is a small black hole where only light enters but nothing escapes…perhaps…

Close up

After all, eyes are windows to the soul
Marked by the big black hole
Sitting on each side of your nose
With nerves going down to your toes
And there is the other end of your iron pole
Where the earth touches the bottom of your sole
So kiss the earth as you walk
And be true with the words you talk

Andrea Ghez, an enthusiastic handsome physicist, will take you on an impassioned journey on astronomy, black holes and space. Here is a TED presentation on her thoughts and ideas to hunt down black holes:

And Fay Dowker a bold beautiful speaker on quantum computing, she will guide you through time, space, formulae and numbers:

Now how does this all connect?

The Quark, Higgs Boson, souls, eyes and black holes?

How do you come up with an idea?

An idea that was not there before?

The Invisible Photograph: Part 5 (Subatomic) from Carnegie Museum of Art on Vimeo.


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