People often talk about the soul and what it is to them, there are also terms such as lost souls. Shamans have rituals and practices to retrieve a lost soul or lost parts of a soul. Then there are other terms such as the spirit, consciousness, life force, or energy. But are they all the same thing? Are they what makes you, well, you? And then why is this at all important?

Ok, well perhaps it is no surprise, I am a sci-fi enthusiast and am fascinated with possibility of teleportation. But without exploring the existence of the soul, how can we be sure we will be able to teleport a whole person?

I’ll discuss what I have found so far, so this will be mainly in the first person: me, myself and I.

I have noticed that I keep coming back to similar situations, and people who reminding me of other people from my past: look-a-likes, doppelgangers, déjà vu or just a fleeting interaction that feels similar to previous one. Each time this happens, it is like my inner world becomes more interconnected. I visualise this like a snowflake growing in the tumbling winds up high in the clouds on frosty winter days.

Through random interactions, bouncing around collecting bits of myself. But is it completely random? Or is there sense as to where I bounce around? Because it sure as hell feels like a pattern to me.

Poem: Flying Solo

Also once I start recognising a pattern, I have usually a choice where to put my feelings and how to react to a situation. So either I can use each situation to help me grow into a beautiful snowflake, or into a mess of water molecules.



The trick is to find my own truth, meaning and purpose; no one can do that for me. No two truths, no matter how similar they are, are ever the same. It is my choice and my choice alone.

Poem: A Shaman’s Verse

But what does feelings and truth have to do with the soul? Those who have dived into the Poet’s Pond might have a clue, oddly enough which rhymes with blue.

Will you take The red pill or the blue pill The choice is yours

What is the blue? What comes “out of the blue”? Why do people play the “Blues”? And how is it different from Jazz? And what would the “Reds” feel like? And what about purples? The blend of red and blue, reality and fiction, physicality and imagination. Why can we not have both?

I like to refer to this feeling or concept as the Otherside: a multidimentional space beyond nothing where everything is nothing and nothing is everything and time and space do not exist, but do at the same time.



Now go deeper.

I have found a few songs about the Otherside. These are my three favourites:

Boaðán nuppi bealde (I come from the other side) – Mari Boine

The Other Side – Pendulum

The Other Side –  SIRENIA

I have a few notable experiences where I experience the Otherside. One is alone in the hot sauna, it is dark, hot, steam rises, and with a feeling of dark nothingness a the base of my belly. Another kind of nothingness was facing a great desert, when you look out at the great red expanse of what some call the Never-Never. And the third, is doing nothing, staring into space and visualising my own imaginings. These are just a few spaces where I discover what lies beyond.

Space Whale

(thank you Tagxedo for the whale)

Then how do we quantify it and upload it on to a system and put it somewhere else?

Well if we are going to do upload someone then we will need to create a version of them on the computer which we then rebuild elsewhere. A few things we might need from a life form:

1. genetic pattern
2. the frequency at which they vibrate
3. cell/molecule structure
4. memory

to be continued…