On the journey to discovering the soul, I wrote a piece on the miniverse that is the human body, and that the black hole is like your mouth a place where matter is consumed and is converted to energy. But what does mouth not consume: light — eyes do.

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” They even look like black holes; sucking in the light. The eyes take in the light and transmit visual impressions of the World to you. But as the smoking caterpillar asked Alice: “Who are you?”

For some, or dare I say most, these impressions translate into emotions. For example, if you go to the cinema or watch a movie, you might feel something: an emotion? If the movie is frightening you might jump, scream, or cover your eyes? If it is funny you laugh or smirk. If it is sad you might cry.

But how does something on a screen some meters away make you jump, laugh or cry? What is emotion and how does it feed your soul?

You eat what you see. It feeds you, transferring energy, and you move. In Finland I learnt an expression “to eat with your eyes”. Is energy consumed with the eyes too, really? Do different colours transmit different kinds of energy? And does each colours have different kinds of effects? And what if some people cannot see or only see some colours, or cannot differentiate between different colours. What kind of impact might that have on digestion, or interpreting emotions? Ok, enough with the downward traverse into the proverbial rabbit hole.

Next time someone says your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Perhaps the answer is “Yes!”, because you can surely eat a hell of a lot more with your eyes than your mouth.