The universe is everywhere, and my interface in the universe is through my body. In a way, my body is like a small universe; full of atoms spinning like planets round and round making up all the different parts that make me, well, me. And how I understand the world has much to do with my imagination: an alternative universe: thoughts and feelings. My alternative universe also affects the way I interact with the world and in return how the outside world reacts to me.

There is a cyclical feedback loop between my imagination and the outside world (reality). I feel reality through my skin, I see it through my eyes, I smell it with my nose, I hear it with my ears and taste it with my tongue. But is there more?

What about sound? Yes you hear it, but can you also feel the vibes? Sound is vibration, if you lay on the floor and play music through a pair of speakers, the music (or vibration) can be felt through the whole body. And from personal experience, different songs and voices affect me differently, both emotionally and physically. The human body is mainly water, and just like in those cymatics videos on youtube, water transforms by the power of music.  The water dances just like people in a nightclub.

Now about the nerves, information passes through the nerves to the brain and vis-versa. The information is transported via the nerves by an electrical charge.  Electricity is energy, do humans feel the electrical impulses, sure we do. We feel them in the form of emotion: e (energy) + motion. Energy can either be used or stored. When an emotion is stored for a long time in the body, it gets trapped and locked in, along with the memory of when that emotion was experienced (physical memory): building up tension in both the body and mind. This keeps repeating until the tension is released and the event which caused the emotional storage (some refer to this as trauma) is processed, understood and new measures are taken to overcome the situation. Art and dance are effective ways of using emotional energy, it recycles it while being constructive and creative, and in some cases healing.

There have been many stories about bringing a Frankenstein to life, what if we could do it through the understanding of electricity and cymatics?

But we are missing one key ingredient: the soul. I’d like to stretch the boundaries of the rational and logical into the realm of science fiction and philosophy. The centre of the universe is said to be a blackhole, and if the human body is like a mini universe, or miniverse, what would be our blackhole? Something that sucks all the light, planets and all matter inside it to somewhere unknown. Yes the mouth, down down down the food goes into a wormhole being mushed, dissolved and digested. Taking matter, turning it into energy and spreading out to the universe. And what comes out of your mouth: speech, hum or song; the result of all that is you. Lorne from the “Angel” series was a green skinned demon from another dimension (played by Andy Hallett) who could read someone’s soul when they would sing; he probably could have worked out what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

So this is all very nice but what kind of practical applications could be devised from these theories and stories. Well how about medical equipment based on frequency and vibration? Instead of traditional and (hopefully) soon to be outdated methods: syringes, knifes and drugs. Sensitivity and humbleness will return to the medical profession and a respect for the right music, food and company, which have always been the best healers; not to mention looking up at the stars to connect the dots (you can figure that one out on your own, or wait for a future article on mental well-being and the stars).