Time, Mass, Light and Speed
Look this way and take heed
Find the story of the light
So we can fly in endless night

One stone and one stone make two stones
One stone and two stones make three stones
Two stones and three stones make five stones
…and on and on and on…

And once there was one stone
A stone that was not like the others
It was a strange grey stone
With red freckles
This stone had a name
One Stone

One Stone had one favourite question
Why is the sky blue?
Why is it red?
Why does it go green?
And why does it rainbow?
Why does wood burn?
Why stones don’t?
why? why? why? why?

And One Stone’s burning question was:
“Why can’t I fly?!”

All day One Stone looked at the Sun
And thought:

The Sun is like fire
Wood burns like the Sun
And long ago One Stone
And all other stones burned like wood
When it was very hot
In the middle of the earth
And then they flew out of a volcano

“Wait!” I remember said One Stone
“I did burn and fly once! Long long ago!
Just like the Sun!!!”

So if that burning stone in the sky
Can fly
“Why can’t I!”

“I want to fly like the Sun
Way up high!”

Someone made a fire

And One Stone watched the fire
As time passed by
And then looked up to the North Star
And wondered how far

One Stone thought some more:

When wood burns
It makes fire
Then the fire goes out
All that’s left is ash
But there is less ash than wood
So where does it go?
Into thin air?

One day One Stone found the letter E
Yes, E for Energy!
Then One Stone found a M
Yes, M for Mass!
(Mass is like stuff)
Is that all?

E is M the stone thought
No, they are not the same
E is Energy
And M is Mass
But Energy is not Mass

So what is Energy?

The speed of light is fire and time
The time it takes for you to see the fire
But first, what is fire?
Why does it burn?
And what is ash?

Ash is minerals that cannot burn
Returns to earth
So what is fire?
Where does it go when all the wood is air and ash?