Wherever I be, magik follows, for that is the way of the silvertongued startellers.

Now I am in Helsinki, feel free to find me and join me on one of these adventures. They are not tours, I will not be your leader, nor tell you so called historical facts. But I will be your guide and walk with you until we are once again safe and sound.

Adventures can often take unexpected turns, so be prepared to stay the night, walk a lot and look at the stars.

What you may need to fly in the night:

Fishnet Hammock – http://www.mokkimies.com/mil-tec_mini_riippumatto
Tarp/Poncho – http://www.mokkimies.com/mil-tec_sadeviitta_ripstop_olive
Waterproof trousers
Waterproof/warm boots
Warm jacket
Small bag with food, water, matches, knife, compass and a torch
Oh yes, and chocolate and coffee, the fairies and gods love coffee and chocolate. The Elves prefer port or muscat.Taika Metsä

Places for adventuring

The Fairy Forest in Keskuspuisto
Treasures: Faerie Ring, Feteus Tree Carving and Bird House
Starting from the Bridge above the tram/bus stop: Auroran sairaala, Helsinki

Tree Spirit Path along the Viikinretki
Treasures: Gardenia (Mon-Thu, Sat and Sun)
Starting from Voimalamuseo (Hämeentie 163, Helsinki)

Secret Elf Woods in Haltialan aarnilue and Haltiala Farm
Meeting point Sörnäinen R-Kioski (Bus 67 to Fallintori stop, Helsinki)

Finnish Gods in Roihuvuori
Treasures: Little Japan, Watertower and Café Navy’s
Meeting point Hertoniemi Metro Station

Public transport and schedules to the meetings points can be found here: http://www.reittiopas.fi