two dots

Have you followed the white rabbit into the dark hole?

Where the world is mad
Upside Down
Inside Out
Topsy Turvy
Wibbly Wobbly
and Timey Wimey.

Chaos. For some, life feels like a chaotic string of events, where nothing makes any sense. It is impossible to focus, know right from wrong, and everyone around seems to be completely contradictory and senseless. If you feel like that, well, it is all in your head. The world has always been the same, operating through nature’s rules, and it is up to each individual to make one’s own sense of it. What is right for you, might be wrong for someone else. What is dangerous for you, might be safe for someone else. What is exciting for you, can be dull for another.

Have you ever ridden a seesaw? Life can be like that. And until balance is found and focused, it will be a “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” journey.

But how to make sense of it all: connect the dots.

Have you ever looked up at the stars at night? Of course you have! (If you haven’t then you need to get out more.) The stars are like neurons in the brain: electrically charged cells that transmit information to each other and other cells in the body via the nervous system. Each idea (or memory) you have shines like a star in space, and unless the dots are connected in the mind then good luck making your own sense of the world. We have grown under the stars since the beginning of life (in fact we are made of star dust), but since most humans have been working 9-5 and sleeping when the stars are out, some have lost that which is most natural: putting stories in the stars. This is the earliest and most natural form of psychiatric therapy.

Star Trek Voyager: Night
Season 5 Episode 1

[Astrometrics lab]

(Seven enters. Tuvok is looking at a star map whilst using his meditation lamp.)
SEVEN: Commander. Am I disturbing you.
SEVEN: Is the Astrometrics lab designated for recreational use?
TUVOK: I come here to meditate. Needless to say, the view from my quarters has been less than stellar lately.
SEVEN: Astronomical phenomena help you to focus your mind.
TUVOK: Yes. I imagine that each star represents a single thought.
SEVEN: Meditation. It rejuvenates you?
TUVOK: Indeed it does.

Fiction, astronomy and astrology is not “just for children”. It is the most important key to creativity and human development. And when “grownups” forget this, they get depressed, bored, annoyed and often get the flu (as an excuse to avoid their responsibilities); not to mention that they are also irritating to be around.

Once chaos is focused, it makes a lot more sense.