The universe is full of magic, the way things grow, form and change. But to be able to understand the systems, and make sense of the chaos is a journey of self discovery.

Here we will explore what the witches and wizards of stories have known since the dawn of time, and in the last 100 or so years, they have slowly but surely found ways to barricade themselves in universe cities or find solitary cottages out in the countryside to perform their magic in peace, relative safety (except from each other), away from the mobs and the zealot inquisition. Because if you call it science your safe, but call it magic and you just might find yourself tied to a pyre.

Magic is only for the brave, bold and daring: Carpe diem.

So be daring, and open your mind to a place where everything and anything is possible. All you need to do is start with a dream and some warm woolly underwear and socks, oh yes, and the stars on a clear frosty night in the middle of a frozen lake.