From around the age of 10 I started origami, it was one of the few things in my life that were mine, that I could do and no-one around me took an interest in. I guess, one of the things I loved to do that made me unique.

The other side of this hobby was that I felt that my talent was not valued by those around me (academic success was more important). And because I had not figured out my purpose, my dreams and interests were tossed around aimlessly until I forgot all about them. Later I realised how important handicrafts and hobbies are, to do something for the pure joy of doing the task; not for grades, money, points, appreciation of others, or immediate function. THIS is what origami brings: joy.

My life’s purpose came in my early 30s, rather late perhaps. And once that purpose is clear, I can see how my hobbies, interests and dreams can fit into that one goal. How did I discover my purpose? I will not go through the whole story, but I can say that Star Trek Voyager provided the key role models I needed to turn my life around, as well as the lead roles in Hunger Games, Divergent and Maleficent.

I would have certainly benefited from such characters and examples when I was a teenager, instead I was exposed to leaders who were obnoxious, arrogant, sexist, aggressive, manipulative and 99% of the time: male. I have no problem with the male gender, I just ask for balance and examples for all genders, and worthy role models of leadership. And frankly, there is something awesome about someone in command with breasts who walks with confidence and (hidden) balls bigger than a bull.

Around 20 years after quiting origami, I picked it up again and found purpose, meaning and most of all joy from the art form. It also holds many keys to architecture, design and space travel.

Origami in space travel? Really? Below is a design for a satelite. The dimond shape model has four flaps that unfold outwards, these unfolded flaps also hold the shape of the open model. I see the flaps as a place to hold solar panels which open up in sunlight. They can also be structures in parks to provide shade on hot sunny days while collecting energy simultaneously.

Origami model - Satellite