I have an idea where this blog could go.

It will be quite an adventure leading to and fro.

Connecting ideas from near and far.

Like connecting the beam of a star

To others way on high

Yes! Up there in the dark sky.

With moving pictures, songs and icons

Full of surprises and bonbons

A treasure trove of hidden sense

With presence and eloquence

For each link is like a dot

Or if you prefer, a solitary spot.

It could also be a node

Or a light emitting diode

To create 3D transmitting code

So you could project it into space

And feel a new world weave and lace

Taking you afar to a distant world

Like a space faring bird with its wings unfurled

But I have some ways to go

Before this dream can show like a rainbow

The more each tale does link connect

With each choice you elect

Gaining an idea of the whole

As you scroll and blog roll

Clicking here and going there

Finding your own way without a care

For in this story there is no wrong

It is just a very long

Go through it like a book

Without any ordered pages to look

You make the order as you wish

Just give your wand a flick and swish.