Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Do you remember the pleasure and joy of birth The elation of the first breath The orgasm of life Do you remember these things? No, probably not. Because your mother was bathed in the blood and gore Of the hateful stories... Continue Reading →


Net with an X Is next Tet with an X is text When your head is filled with words Know how to cast them to catch a star in a sea of dreams.


Nature is not a thing to be feared; It is merely a thought that connects one To the other.

Truth and Space

There is a common misconception that truth is light But truth can often be found in the solitude of darkness When all feelings converge with spirit. And the spirit is the charge of mind and matter Through the vacuum and the binding... Continue Reading →

Earth’s Engine

There is a hum down below It is deeper than where roots grow It is a drum going round and round Churning and burning with a sound Crashing and tumbling Roaring and soaring Burning and churning Round it goes The... Continue Reading →

Water, Roots and Roses

Do you remember long ago Standing rocking to and fro Allowing water to trickle down To the toes from your crown Holding a cup of precious water Like it was earth's living daughter Feeling one with the earth Remembering your... Continue Reading →

Ruptured Roots

When did they disconnect you from your voice When they took away your choice You were backed into a corner Just for being a foreigner When did they stop your heart from beating Sitting there seating Curling your toes in... Continue Reading →

Four fears

clocks rocks rules tools It is no surprise that they rhyme To the tick of time The tock of stone on rock The fear of control and restriction Threat of power and addiction With no support down below For my own... Continue Reading →


I carry the scars of the dead Of the silence, without voice I carry the last remains of my line I carry all their stories So no one else need bare them

Top of the hill

When you talk of light Without the dark When you talk of good Without the bad When you talk of joy Without fear When you talk of day Without the night You are only living At the top of the... Continue Reading →

Golden Thread

The golden thread weaves through all Making one grow small or tall It finds its way though matter and time Weaving thoughts of rhythm and rhyme It takes what you know and makes it clear With water it serves the brave... Continue Reading →


Be smarter, read more Glasses Faster faster faster Running shoes Scream to get heard Corsetry Be taller to get noticed High heels Play a role Make up Shove the competition out of the way Muscle building Stay on the straight... Continue Reading →

Holey Skin

There are holes in the skin Great caverns where love won't let in A place senseless in the small of the back Near an emptiness and a lack There is a hole where there should be feeling But going round... Continue Reading →

The Frog

Frogs don't like chocolate, coffee or sweets Loosing their bounce and mighty feats The heart may be gleeful and high for a moment But drops in pressure with despair and atonement The throat falls with woes and ails With loss for... Continue Reading →


I remember the day all the lights went out You said it was love like a hero coming in the night But you punched my lights out with one blow And then I believed that's what love was The destruction... Continue Reading →

Woman’s voice

The woman's voice is locked up in the academic circle Within the humanities and arts like a tightly woven girdle What about the sciences of chemistry, mathematics and physics Where men still rules the literature of the ages As I flick... Continue Reading →

Inner voice

The words in your mind When you are blind Windows closed Cheeks rosed Lips sealed Soul revealed Mind's eyes pealed Knees and hips steady In time to be ready The tone deep and low From where toes and arches grow... Continue Reading →

Good eye

Do you see through the lens with your good eye or bad? Which do you use when your are mad or sad? Do you prefer your left or your right? As you face down the glass that bends light Or do... Continue Reading →


How many words can you stomach? How many words can you count? Which words make your heart ache? And which words are paramount? Are there words that shed tears? Or last the test of time for years? Is it their order... Continue Reading →


G3     A3   G3 Who will stay? F3     G3    F3...E3 And who will go? G3     A3   G3 Who will stay? F3  E3       D3 I     don't know. F3... Continue Reading →

After thought

There is a thought and then an after thought The "by the way" The "I've got nothing to do so do you want to meet?" The feeling of boredom and "what now?" The vacuum in your life you fill with excrement... Continue Reading →

Girl Child

What a disappointment After all that effort A little girl with 10 fingers And 10 toes A mouth and nose But what is that between her legs Oh no, there is no penis But another set of lips But we worked... Continue Reading →


I've never felt at home on earth Walking never felt natural Running even less so Swimming was a struggle And floating a challenge Perhaps I was never meant to live But those about me insisted that I must try to... Continue Reading →


From the soles of your feet they reach Pressing your soft spots as they preach Going into places where they do not belong Finding all the spaces where you sing your own song To make you bend over and groan Gutting your... Continue Reading →

Keyboard Warrior

Keep on tapping those keys Like your playing Clara Schumann's piano concerto Hold your feet to the floor with your knees Like a Lumberjane felling trees to the ground below Finish your battles with your finger tips As you balance... Continue Reading →

The Giantess

Fi Φ Phở fum I smell the blood of an Engine Man Who judges others whenever he can He paces in a deliberate silence Trying with might to retain his balance He stinks of logic and paranoid sense Frankly it... Continue Reading →

Gather and Squeeze

Gather and squeeze We are going to gather our forces Against our mortal enemies The thieves of Elysium will bow down to us As we squeeze them out of house and home They have held our spirit at ransom No it is not random... Continue Reading →

Crocodile Tears

The tears of a warrior fall The face remains true and steady The tears are not false But come from a different place The spirit Deep within Only the fearful believe them to be false For they fear the beat of their... Continue Reading →

Lost for words

Words do not come When breath stops Then the mind ceases Stomach knots Fists clench The birth of the Neanderthal man He is lost without words And knows only violence But she knows, medicine woman knows Steady in breath Blades... Continue Reading →

Labour pains

Why do some work hard? While others not. Why do some toil? And others not. Even two in the same station, May be rewarded differently for the same situation. What is it that gives some more? While others receive less. Or... Continue Reading →


I will tell you a story of a little lost soul Who climbed a very high pole I will tell you of a lass who was born Worthless and dire and utterly forlorn I will tell you of a child all... Continue Reading →


Those who wear the crowns in this world Are not the queens and kings Or those with material wealth But those who can walk through the woods And always find a way to sustain their lives In harmony with the nature around... Continue Reading →


Look up at the stars when the sun has sailed over the horizon. Some call this moment in time: Night. But far in the North when the snow has fallen, the lakes freeze and the wind stills; the Sun gives... Continue Reading →

In the beginning

I looked into her eyes Old eyes That have lived countless lives Since the beginning They told me of how we began How my journey will not be an easy one An then, it wasn't easy Looking into her eyes We... Continue Reading →


Be my breath of fresh air But do not take my breath away.


They took away my voice Along with my choice Fed me rot From the fat friar's pot They tried to fill my head With stories of men long dead With privilege and title Sword and rifle Heaving with books And scowling looks... Continue Reading →


Your eyes seem out of shape Morphing and twisting and changing Your soul hidden behind a glass wall I cannot reach you with my call You are blind to my emotion And deaf to my expression Your heart lacks all the... Continue Reading →

The Silent

I wonder about all those poets whose thoughts were never read But now they are forgotten and quite long dead I wonder about all those words and prose Sweeter and richer than the wildest rose I wonder about all the... Continue Reading →


They will call you names from heaven to hell They will harass and tease to weaken your knees They will pull your hair, one nerve at a time Or make you hoarse, until you only mime They will put you... Continue Reading →


She became a star when she burned like one; alone; in space; and vapid darkness.


Home was a place of duty Love lived in the loin and belly War raged and was put into children Souls were crushed Voices silenced Hearts robbed And I know it began a long time ago When her temple was... Continue Reading →

Tick tock

There is a clock inside my head When I close my eyes and lay in bed Like a fob watch it goes tick tock As steady as a charged quartz rock Crystal clear is the beat As I feel the... Continue Reading →


listen to the sound that blows from over the mound listen to the song about all that is wrong listen to the tale told in moan and wail listen to the rain washing away all the pain


When the shit goes down. Keep it together. Always.

The Voice

Your voice gives away all that is inside All the things you wish to hide It tells me of your hopes and fears All the times you've held back the tears It tells me of your roots and bones All your sorrows... Continue Reading →

1 x

1 x 1 = 1 Let's have some fun! 1 x 2 = 2 What shall we do? 1 x 3 = 3 Something free. 1 x 4 = 4 Let's sit on the floor. 1 x 5 = 5... Continue Reading →

The Strangest Clown

Clowns come in all shapes and sizes And they can be full of surprises Nothing ever goes quite right But for a clown that is a delight Some like to dance While others prance Some like to sit While others... Continue Reading →


From the room of desire Where my heart burned with fire I pulled away the planks Barricading from the ranks As another ladders landed on the wall Hearing the screams of those who did fall Shot an arrow down below... Continue Reading →


How to respect? When there is nothing to expect? How can it be something to earn? Or even something to yearn? It is rarely on display Only when the like-minded together play Not sharing it with everyone Only those who... Continue Reading →

The Princess

What stories did you hear as you curled up in bed? What stories did fill your little head? What words were used to fill your belly? Or were you brain washed by the telly?   Telling you what to think and feel Using love... Continue Reading →


Do I offend you with my tales Making you feel sick with ails Questioning all you hold dear Through your heart I do sear With a golden arrow straight and true It goes directly into you While you wail and seethe Struggling... Continue Reading →

Master’s Feces

My friends all talk about their Master's Theses Frankly, it sounds like rock hard feces While sitting on a hollow stool Feeling like an utter fool Wanting to empty from being full At the same time, playing it cool As you pick... Continue Reading →

Ode to the Director

There is something I would like to say About how you brought me here today With your precise description Of feminine position Of womanly wiles To show how to clean tiles Or how to bake a cake With enormous boobs, how fake!... Continue Reading →

Star Child

The world will tell you stories of what you should be The world will tell you stories of what you should see But I will tell you nothing and let you decide alone For I am mother earth and the... Continue Reading →


A square has four equal sides Inside nothing hides Unlike a cube it is quite flat Like the rug on which the cat sat Its surface area is a square root Quite dull, not a hoot Take one side and multiply... Continue Reading →


they say to smile with your eyes but I did not know how they say to laugh from the soul but I did not know where it was they say to be generous but I had nothing to give they... Continue Reading →


I come from a people who count When the warriors create life discount We would hid in cellars with books and tellers To count the numbers in life While above goes on mayhem and strife For centuries we would hide and run... Continue Reading →


Cut back the roses Cut back the stems Cut back the stalks Cut back the sky Cut back the leaves Cut back the flock Cut back the wolves Cut back the stock Cut back the plenty Cut back the full... Continue Reading →


A short chin Held a long lost sin Lying buried in the blood of kin All the troubles deep within Why the voice lacks tin The heart is a leaky bin Lungs deflate and sink in The nerves broken and thin While touch burns the... Continue Reading →


The Acrobat leaps onto the board With a spring in step up he soared The Pirate balanced upon the plank Before her ship was surely sank The Dancer bounds from toe to heel With the precision of a shipbuilder's keel The Fiddler fingers the... Continue Reading →

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