Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Lost Words

Words once meant something But now they are empty, hollow and bare Words long ago carried a tune But now they are just full of hot air Words once were carried near and far But now all they say "let's... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Summer

The taste of fresh cream cheese One grain of salt A cup of clear spring water Sunset on the last warm night Fresh bread drizzled with avocado oil A carrot stick A slice of cucumber And a wedge of watermelon... Continue Reading →

One and all

All the churches have twisted our bodies into shards of reflection, disembodying the mind from the body, blood and spirit, all in the name of the one. No wonder our world is in shatters, and broken up into pieces of... Continue Reading →

The body

There is so much more to life than the desperate need to procreate and domesticate.

A Solitary Existence

Sometimes I think the greatest challenge, Is to live a solitary existence, And be at peace.


Gravity is the sound of a spin It keeps you earthed with a din Nothing like the clash of thunder More like a silent sunder It spins the earth around the star And all the planets near and far With the... Continue Reading →


Do you remember the pleasure and joy of birth The elation of the first breath The orgasm of life Do you remember these things? No, probably not. Because your mother was bathed in the blood and gore Of the hateful stories... Continue Reading →


What was the cost of us becoming up and right on the straight and narrow What did we lose on the way through the labyrinth Who paide the price while the Righteous paved the way In the end we all... Continue Reading →


Net with an X Is next Tet with an X is text When your head is filled with words Know how to cast them to catch a star in a sea of dreams.


Nature is not a thing to be feared; It is merely a thought that connects one To the other.

Truth and Space

There is a common misconception that truth is light But truth can often be found in the solitude of darkness When all feelings converge with spirit. And the spirit is the charge of mind and matter Through the vacuum and the binding... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder If poetry is an illness of the heart Or it is the medicine that makes it stronger.

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