Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



Spirit Reader

Did you read the spirits of others Who know not to keep secret covers Looking deep into their souls You gather up life from the darkest of holes Twist up their bellies as they shriek in fear You hollow them out... Continue Reading →

The Frog

Frogs don't like chocolate, coffee or sweets Loosing their bounce and mighty feats The heart may be gleeful and high for a moment But drops in pressure with despair and atonement The throat falls with woes and ails With loss for... Continue Reading →

The ramblings of the heart lost in time

No matter how much one plans at life, it is always uncertain. The only certainty in life, is in fact, uncertainty. The heart can flutter in a moment of unknowing. Or take pause with anxiousness of the future. But really there is... Continue Reading →

Bad Mary

Mary returned from the magical land of Frau Holle and she was all covered in shit. Everyone in the village square stared at her and moved well out of her way. She smelled, quite bad as I'm sure you could... Continue Reading →

Gather and Squeeze

Gather and squeeze We are going to gather our forces Against our mortal enemies The thieves of Elysium will bow down to us As we squeeze them out of house and home They have held our spirit at ransom No it is not random... Continue Reading →

The Goldflake

Once upon a time lived a fleck of gold, and her name was, well you guessed it, Goldflake. She lived deep inside a rock, deep in the bottom of the ocean. She was quite content, minding her own business, quite... Continue Reading →


In the quiet as I lay, feeling myself from within, searching parts of myself that have been long dead, tracing consciousness through my nervous system, finding feelings long buried, feelings that were crushed, suffocated and damaged. From my mind's eye... Continue Reading →


From the room of desire Where my heart burned with fire I pulled away the planks Barricading from the ranks As another ladders landed on the wall Hearing the screams of those who did fall Shot an arrow down below... Continue Reading →


How to respect? When there is nothing to expect? How can it be something to earn? Or even something to yearn? It is rarely on display Only when the like-minded together play Not sharing it with everyone Only those who... Continue Reading →

The Witches

Who do you let into your home Who runs your earthly dome And grips hard your soul Playing your tune and role She may come as a saviour Doing you a huge favour Letting you out to flee In the wind to play... Continue Reading →


My name is Jean I'm lean and mean A hollow pole Where is my soul With nerves of steel As I turn the wheel These wings of fire Taking me higher A gut of raw iron And a roar like a lion With... Continue Reading →

Rape Seed

Seeds are planted To grow fields of life giving flowers Making the world grow round They blossom yellow bright In the field they delight But one last frost comes before the midsummer night Scarring and ravaging all blooms but one There... Continue Reading →


"I'm back." said the Fool Then came the Golden Rule In the deep pool White Shark came Holding onto Fame Playing the Game A beauty came riding From the Black it was hiding With dark hidden tidings The Fool opened... Continue Reading →


The Lohikäärme, the spirit of the land, come in the dark months when the crown of the northern lands lights up the sky. They charge the waters, the rivers, streams and lakes with the Fire of the Sun. The Lohikäärme... Continue Reading →

The Fruit, the Seeds and the Core

She took a huge bite out of the Fruit, and then she chewed and chewed and chewed. She took several more bites and after a short while she got to the core and kept biting, chewing and most of all... Continue Reading →

Kaksi Karhua ja Pohjantähti

  ALKU: Kauan ajan sitten, istui pieni karhu kuutamolla. Hän istui maailman käsiinsä, ja ikävöi aamua tulla. Hän katsoi maailmaa ja antoi sen pyöriä. Ympäri ja ympäri maailma meni, ja nopeammin ja nopeammin. Hän pyöriä voimakkasti; se alkoi pyöritys käsistä.... Continue Reading →



Seven Dwarves

Once upon a time, living in the middle of the woods were seven dwarves: Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy and Doc. They made a home inside an old burnt out Red Wood. Each had their names on their beds.... Continue Reading →

Four Pigs

Once upon a time, in the past or the future or somewhere in between, lived four pigs. Each pig lived alone, in his own big house. One pig lived in a house of straw, as the old tales go; the... Continue Reading →

The Fruit of Life and the Serpent

She, who always yielded to man of blood and earth; who did his bidding, always. Until one day she went walking in the forest, and came upon a strange path, a very strange path indeed. The path was paved with... Continue Reading →

Three Triangle Stories

  In the beginning there was a Triangle on Earth, it was equal on all sides and pointy on top and flat at the bottom. Then there was another Triangle in the sky. It was pointy on the bottom and... Continue Reading →

A Hallow Tale

The Pumpkin Man ran out of town and took all of the money. There was none left and the Ugly Witch was left holding the bag. It was a sad empty bag and the Pumpkin Man ran away laughing. The... Continue Reading →

The Great Swan

Long ago a Great Swan was flying high in the night's sky, watching and listening to the Land below. The Land was all the colours of the Rainbow. But as he was gliding over the northern lands, he heard a... Continue Reading →

Apples and Potatoes

Apples and potatoes are two staple food sources in Europe in the last hundred plus years. And in Dutch, potatoes are called Ardappel: earth apple, or apple of the earth. Potatoes can last through the winter in a cellar, and apples... Continue Reading →

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