Tales from the otherside of nowhere.



The Yawn

She came from the darkness Through a great yawn Along with the chaos And a young faun The skys roared asunder The earth cracked with thunder Wolves howled to the heavens In rhythms of five, sixes and sevens She flooded the noise... Continue Reading →


I gave you the best years of my life   And you blew me away   I showed you the stars, the moon and the golden sun   And you blew them away   I showed you my way You blew... Continue Reading →


Why doesn't walkin' feel like dancin' Why does it feel like broken fall Why doesn't walkin' feel like dancin' After all   Where did the skip go The hop in my step Where did glide slide And that time I leapt... Continue Reading →


G3     A3   G3 Who will stay? F3     G3    F3...E3 And who will go? G3     A3   G3 Who will stay? F3  E3       D3 I     don't know. F3... Continue Reading →


How do I fill a hole That was hollow from the start How do I mend a heart That could never beat on its own How do I stop the moan Grinding away inside my gut How do I get out... Continue Reading →


You will billow and dance In the wind as we please For we are the spirits Of the trees You will spin round and round On the ground For we are the spirits Of the sound You stand so still Finding your... Continue Reading →


Push Pull Tense Release Hold On - Let Go Bounce Down Up You shout I tense I punch You cry You take my hand I spin you round Then we sing Finally we fly What is it - that thing flying... Continue Reading →

Tones in Bones

The key to growing bones you see Is about life and balance and harmony I start with a blend of my favourite food They put me in just the right kind of mood Take a bottle that you can close... Continue Reading →

The Lady Red

A lady of strawberry red Rises from her earthly bed To greet the lands anew In the morning dew The laughing bird calls her beyond To the great writer's pond Here her slithering serpent tongue Grows worlds of old songs... Continue Reading →


The North in the written word is almost an insult to its being. Alas, this is all I have. And may I be forgiven for the lacking in my tone, the numbness of the letter and the blankness of the page. Words are to... Continue Reading →

The Kathlera

She feels the charge in the air Breathing souls anew with care The Kathlera has taken the path To release those from the prism's wrath Who have locked themselves in a cage Now only to rattle and rage She braids... Continue Reading →


Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; ‪male‬ and ‪female‬ He created them. I am a beast like all the rest I am a soul put to the test... Continue Reading →

The Great Swan

Long ago a Great Swan was flying high in the night's sky, watching and listening to the Land below. The Land was all the colours of the Rainbow. But as he was gliding over the northern lands, he heard a... Continue Reading →

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