Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Push down to go up Look out to see in Go back to move forward And sing low to go high


Why are so many of us disconnected from the gravity of earth With voices so high and have dismantled the hearth Walking on stilts or lumbering alone Carrying one heaving stone What are we afraid of when we cannot sit... Continue Reading →


Have you read the sine wave Like a clock in time Spinning space Up at twelve and down at twenty-four But it is only even at six and eighteen As the sun begins to rise And fall

Earth’s Engine

There is a hum down below It is deeper than where roots grow It is a drum going round and round Churning and burning with a sound Crashing and tumbling Roaring and soaring Burning and churning Round it goes The... Continue Reading →

Little Toy Soldier

Tick tock tick tock Goes round the clock The little boy stares Caught unawares As his heart grow steady and cold Slowly aging bitter and old Round and round with the clock's sound A rhythm unnatural and out of thyme... Continue Reading →


Do you remember the first time you got a watch? Shiney, new, and all yours to own. Do you remember how it stole your heart? Running away in a stone ridden cart Dividing it up into six equal pieces. And... Continue Reading →


Always moving Never ceasing Always spinning Ongoing Never ending Even in stillness Cells are growing Multiplying and dying Blood is circulating Breath is breathing Mind is sending and receiving Messages back and forth To the ends of the universe and... Continue Reading →

Fear, time and squares

There is a real fear Buried deep in time Where should be the heart Is the tick of a clock A miniscule sound A blacksmith banging hot steal Stone on stone To onward drone As rooms become right angled Guts... Continue Reading →

The Wolf Prince

Give me an astro, naught any day of the week It is the cause, me not which I do seek Will not an astro, naught leave you hanging Instead will cause me not violetly haranguing Prince will always leave you high... Continue Reading →


Red as blood Gold as plasma Brown as dirt Can you find the chiasma? From top to bottom Down below What you get When you can no longer grow Up and down And back again Can you find The place... Continue Reading →

Touch to Sound

Feel the song Hear the strike Touch the beat Listen to the stroke Ears can feel What skin can deal Touch and sound Go round and round From sense to fear Yet still I shed no tear


Be smarter, read more Glasses Faster faster faster Running shoes Scream to get heard Corsetry Be taller to get noticed High heels Play a role Make up Shove the competition out of the way Muscle building Stay on the straight... Continue Reading →

The ramblings of the heart lost in time

No matter how much one plans at life, it is always uncertain. The only certainty in life, is in fact, uncertainty. The heart can flutter in a moment of unknowing. Or take pause with anxiousness of the future. But really there is... Continue Reading →


There upon a lonely road was heart shaped puddle She took a dive in with her thoughts which were all in a muddle The puddle was a door into another world Where everything was upside down and snails were uncurled People... Continue Reading →


Why doesn't walkin' feel like dancin' Why does it feel like broken fall Why doesn't walkin' feel like dancin' After all   Where did the skip go The hop in my step Where did glide slide And that time I leapt... Continue Reading →

Suns are hard to love

Suns burn with the fire of naught Rarely doing as they are taught They see you as you are No matter how far When you feel humble and cowardly Know that they are watching carefully Burning with the fire of the soul... Continue Reading →


Breathe to save time With wings folded back together Stop to make time Feel the heart beat Stand in the sand In time to the earth spinning Floating out of time And space

Woman’s voice

The woman's voice is locked up in the academic circle Within the humanities and arts like a tightly woven girdle What about the sciences of chemistry, mathematics and physics Where men still rules the literature of the ages As I flick... Continue Reading →

Good eye

Do you see through the lens with your good eye or bad? Which do you use when your are mad or sad? Do you prefer your left or your right? As you face down the glass that bends light Or do... Continue Reading →


I will tell you a story of a little lost soul Who climbed a very high pole I will tell you of a lass who was born Worthless and dire and utterly forlorn I will tell you of a child all... Continue Reading →


Look up at the stars when the sun has sailed over the horizon. Some call this moment in time: Night. But far in the North when the snow has fallen, the lakes freeze and the wind stills; the Sun gives... Continue Reading →


When the shit goes down. Keep it together. Always.


A square has four equal sides Inside nothing hides Unlike a cube it is quite flat Like the rug on which the cat sat Its surface area is a square root Quite dull, not a hoot Take one side and multiply... Continue Reading →

Down Clown

Out in space, floating around In a capsule with a humming sound Where up is down and down is up, What is it like to drink from a cup? Or breaking up some french bread With crumbs all over on... Continue Reading →


The Acrobat leaps onto the board With a spring in step up he soared The Pirate balanced upon the plank Before her ship was surely sank The Dancer bounds from toe to heel With the precision of a shipbuilder's keel The Fiddler fingers the... Continue Reading →

Two Points

The shortest path between two points is a straight line. But is it the fastest line? Is it the smoothest line? Is it the safest line? Is it the path of least resistance? Or is it the most dangerous road? The... Continue Reading →


+ - Plus Minus Positive Negative Cation Anion Proton Electron On Off Open Closed Circuit Complete Broken My mind thinks My heart beats My life breathes My soul feels My roots know I am a battery of acid and base To... Continue Reading →


Maybe Grey Rainbow Superposition Entangled Off AND On 0 AND 1 Here AND There Lost AND Found Pink AND Red Up AND Down In AND Out Mutually Inclusive Sitting on the fence The Door Frame The place to be when... Continue Reading →


Three-Six-Nine Triangle-Hexagon-Nonagon Try to find the words to break a hex For all the squares they perplex Non you shall find in crosses of churches But perhaps in a forest full of birches Stay out of rooms of 90 degree angle... Continue Reading →

Fire and Ice: The purple path

In a vessel of white With a bright light Focus is fixed The clock ticks I stand in the centre No longer a pretender With my truth within No god to begin What I must complete This grand feat In my left hand:... Continue Reading →

Binary Land

There is a whole universe going on just under our noses. It is the universe of lights. Each light holds one tiny piece of information: ON or OFF. When the light is OFF it is asleep, when ON it is... Continue Reading →

Maa, Päivätär ja Kuutar

There is always a battle of the Gods until the Battle is Won: Taistelu on voitettu. And the Water, Fire, Earth and Air are One: Vesi, Tuli, Maa ja Ilma olevat Yksi. When the Water dances with the Earth, The... Continue Reading →


Each thought is like a star sending light beams near and far With photonic messages in different sized packages Some big some small just like a telephone call But there are no wires, cables or fibers Nor are the sounds... Continue Reading →

Numbers, Letters and Symbols

Numbers, Letters and Symbols are the tools, keys and locks used to describe elements of nature. An artist uses paint, a surface and brushes (or spray cans or fingers), a writer uses words on a surface. The imaginative skills required are... Continue Reading →

Looking for Magik like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Today I stumbled upon a squirrel in an exacting dwelling. The little squirrel was giving a tour, it ended up being quite a bumpy tour into the magical and mysterious where the... Continue Reading →


As you walk the bridge Beyond the ridge Beneath the heavenly sea Where the birds be Way up high Diamonds in the sky Fall like kisses Of long lost misses Out comes the sun Our only one From behind the... Continue Reading →

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