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Do you remember the pleasure and joy of birth The elation of the first breath The orgasm of life Do you remember these things? No, probably not. Because your mother was bathed in the blood and gore Of the hateful stories... Continue Reading →

Water, Roots and Roses

Do you remember long ago Standing rocking to and fro Allowing water to trickle down To the toes from your crown Holding a cup of precious water Like it was earth's living daughter Feeling one with the earth Remembering your... Continue Reading →


When I see a new face From far away I am reminded of tales From yesterday Of how I was once a slave in chains Or riding a horse free and wild before highway lanes Or perhaps a pirate or... Continue Reading →


They separated us by Turning us against one and other By denying our wants and wishes to fit see Denying our spirit to ride free As the horses we once rode on, bareback With bow and arrow in hand We... Continue Reading →

Triadic loop

The victim The aggressor The believer In a dance they all play A song since the hey of day Blaming one and blaming all Until the tower does crumble and fall In a triad they do dance Like the courts... Continue Reading →

Learn your troubles young

Learn your hardships when you are young Learn your troubles when you are still nothing Learn your weakness well when you are still helpless Learn them well child Learn them well Before you are a threat To others who cannot... Continue Reading →

The Frog

Frogs don't like chocolate, coffee or sweets Loosing their bounce and mighty feats The heart may be gleeful and high for a moment But drops in pressure with despair and atonement The throat falls with woes and ails With loss for... Continue Reading →

Bad Mary

Mary returned from the magical land of Frau Holle and she was all covered in shit. Everyone in the village square stared at her and moved well out of her way. She smelled, quite bad as I'm sure you could... Continue Reading →

Sloe Shillelagh

The blackthorn tree is calling The shadow of Morrigan is falling In the night from beneath the earth Here we call the Blackthorn, Oratuomi The Thorn of Judgement tree The bleading hearts of Morrigan and Aestraea Raining down to calm the hysteria Shillelagh long and... Continue Reading →

The Giantess

Fi Φ Phở fum I smell the blood of an Engine Man Who judges others whenever he can He paces in a deliberate silence Trying with might to retain his balance He stinks of logic and paranoid sense Frankly it... Continue Reading →

Lost for words

Words do not come When breath stops Then the mind ceases Stomach knots Fists clench The birth of the Neanderthal man He is lost without words And knows only violence But she knows, medicine woman knows Steady in breath Blades... Continue Reading →

Cold Fire

Most people do not talk about cold fire Only about the heat of fury and indignation They talk about an eternal flame Perhaps in some god's name But once in a while they talk about a cool head Calm and... Continue Reading →


I will tell you a story of a little lost soul Who climbed a very high pole I will tell you of a lass who was born Worthless and dire and utterly forlorn I will tell you of a child all... Continue Reading →


In the quiet as I lay, feeling myself from within, searching parts of myself that have been long dead, tracing consciousness through my nervous system, finding feelings long buried, feelings that were crushed, suffocated and damaged. From my mind's eye... Continue Reading →


From the room of desire Where my heart burned with fire I pulled away the planks Barricading from the ranks As another ladders landed on the wall Hearing the screams of those who did fall Shot an arrow down below... Continue Reading →


As I try to unravel the tales I was told From years ago when fear took hold The war within fought and raged Like a lone wolf tortured and caged Rediscovering my envy and greed Tracking back who planted the... Continue Reading →

The Lost Soul, the Wolf and the Ghost

Who do you see when you look at a reflection? What do you know when you search for your heart? What do you feel when you walk the earth? Is your soul dark and full of hunger? Are your thoughts full of rage? Are... Continue Reading →

Free Flowers

For you I danced and darkness romanced In the early hours we did tumble while the roots did rumble But too long on my toes falling on my nose My flower torn, broken and forlorn From mother dear I Iearnt... Continue Reading →

A Witch’s Hex

Out of the darkness it came Playing a wily game Making sounds like a bad wolf's howl Digging me out with an old iron trowel Feeding me poison for one hundred years Then gripping my throat as I held back the tears... Continue Reading →

A Shaman’s Verse

Who are you to me? Or should I let it be But the same faces keep reappearing Into my heart searing Round and round the Wheel goes When it stops no one knows But the same faces come again As... Continue Reading →

The Warrior

The Warrior is near When the World is in fear She will show her teeth At what lies beneath Death walks by her side On a Lion she does ride The Crow will call When the Giants fall Freedom she... Continue Reading →

The Sleuth

There is a sleuth Searching for truth With her head in a book Solving mysteries with a critical look She enjoys a walk And talks the talk Doing her best to take life in stride With arms stretched out open and wide This... Continue Reading →

Reindeer Man

The reindeer man His great wings wide span Longs for the sea With the to birds be At the shore he stands Upon the bog lands With spikes on his back Keeping him on track He may not come to... Continue Reading →

The Fallen – a lyrical biography

A child born with eyes of blue Soon they turned a honey-like hue Changing in the light From day to the night Forever crying with all her might This child a changling child A little kind and heartly wild Walked the Earth in... Continue Reading →

The Lily’s Destruction

The beautiful Lilies are being cut and torn Left abandoned, destroyed and forlorn A crusible against Gaya's joy and pleasure To mutilate the World's most precious treasure These Lilies are being plucked awake and alive By their own mother's hand... Continue Reading →


The Lohikäärme, the spirit of the land, come in the dark months when the crown of the northern lands lights up the sky. They charge the waters, the rivers, streams and lakes with the Fire of the Sun. The Lohikäärme... Continue Reading →

Maa, Päivätär ja Kuutar

There is always a battle of the Gods until the Battle is Won: Taistelu on voitettu. And the Water, Fire, Earth and Air are One: Vesi, Tuli, Maa ja Ilma olevat Yksi. When the Water dances with the Earth, The... Continue Reading →

The Fruit, the Seeds and the Core

She took a huge bite out of the Fruit, and then she chewed and chewed and chewed. She took several more bites and after a short while she got to the core and kept biting, chewing and most of all... Continue Reading →

Kaksi Karhua ja Pohjantähti

  ALKU: Kauan ajan sitten, istui pieni karhu kuutamolla. Hän istui maailman käsiinsä, ja ikävöi aamua tulla. Hän katsoi maailmaa ja antoi sen pyöriä. Ympäri ja ympäri maailma meni, ja nopeammin ja nopeammin. Hän pyöriä voimakkasti; se alkoi pyöritys käsistä.... Continue Reading →


The North in the written word is almost an insult to its being. Alas, this is all I have. And may I be forgiven for the lacking in my tone, the numbness of the letter and the blankness of the page. Words are to... Continue Reading →

The Fruit of Life and the Serpent

She, who always yielded to man of blood and earth; who did his bidding, always. Until one day she went walking in the forest, and came upon a strange path, a very strange path indeed. The path was paved with... Continue Reading →


In the dirt the Demons grow Knowing all the to and fro The Spiders creep The Worms weep And the Ants crawl While the earth sound drawl In the moon, sing and dance With the Snake in a trance When the... Continue Reading →

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