Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Have you read the sine wave Like a clock in time Spinning space Up at twelve and down at twenty-four But it is only even at six and eighteen As the sun begins to rise And fall


This is nothing but data A string of keys on a screen A series of dots trapped in light Burning squares into the mind.

Spirit Reader

Did you read the spirits of others Who know not to keep secret covers Looking deep into their souls You gather up life from the darkest of holes Twist up their bellies as they shriek in fear You hollow them out... Continue Reading →

Fear, time and squares

There is a real fear Buried deep in time Where should be the heart Is the tick of a clock A miniscule sound A blacksmith banging hot steal Stone on stone To onward drone As rooms become right angled Guts... Continue Reading →


Breathe to save time With wings folded back together Stop to make time Feel the heart beat Stand in the sand In time to the earth spinning Floating out of time And space

1 x

1 x 1 = 1 Let's have some fun! 1 x 2 = 2 What shall we do? 1 x 3 = 3 Something free. 1 x 4 = 4 Let's sit on the floor. 1 x 5 = 5... Continue Reading →


A square has four equal sides Inside nothing hides Unlike a cube it is quite flat Like the rug on which the cat sat Its surface area is a square root Quite dull, not a hoot Take one side and multiply... Continue Reading →


The Acrobat leaps onto the board With a spring in step up he soared The Pirate balanced upon the plank Before her ship was surely sank The Dancer bounds from toe to heel With the precision of a shipbuilder's keel The Fiddler fingers the... Continue Reading →

Warp Engine

The sound of the drums With warmth she hums A pulse of flowing heat In consistent beat A rhythm so true To be known by the few The forest dwelling witches Hidden in ditches Finding fairy stories Amongst lost glories While walking with death... Continue Reading →


Maybe Grey Rainbow Superposition Entangled Off AND On 0 AND 1 Here AND There Lost AND Found Pink AND Red Up AND Down In AND Out Mutually Inclusive Sitting on the fence The Door Frame The place to be when... Continue Reading →


Three-Six-Nine Triangle-Hexagon-Nonagon Try to find the words to break a hex For all the squares they perplex Non you shall find in crosses of churches But perhaps in a forest full of birches Stay out of rooms of 90 degree angle... Continue Reading →


They first showed me an anointed cross With grand old words like a boss I folded their cross to make a box Like wooden toy blocks They tried with all their might To lock me in good and tight But I turned... Continue Reading →

The Tardis

To grow a Tardis from inside to out First a square needs to sprout Then five more to grow a cube Looking like an angular tube Find its wings on all corners Breaking out the inner borders Out they spread... Continue Reading →

Cheery numbers

A cheery number Grows on a tree Count them Count them One, two, three! Some hang alone, in pairs or threes High upon the tops of trees They love to chatter in the breeze Calling to the Sun, please, please, please!... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Number

Poetry is about finding the right words For the right feeling Or just playing around With a sound To create a mood Or perhaps to be rude The precise word for the moment Is coding a message to be sent Creating a... Continue Reading →

Binary Land

There is a whole universe going on just under our noses. It is the universe of lights. Each light holds one tiny piece of information: ON or OFF. When the light is OFF it is asleep, when ON it is... Continue Reading →

Numbers, Letters and Symbols

Numbers, Letters and Symbols are the tools, keys and locks used to describe elements of nature. An artist uses paint, a surface and brushes (or spray cans or fingers), a writer uses words on a surface. The imaginative skills required are... Continue Reading →



Money, Honey

Debt is an emotional blackmailing illusion To maintain a financial delusion It keeps our noses to the ground With the thinking that money makes the world go round What would tomorrow be If we all declared bankruptcy Could we press... Continue Reading →

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