Tales from the otherside of nowhere.




Why are so many of us disconnected from the gravity of earth With voices so high and have dismantled the hearth Walking on stilts or lumbering alone Carrying one heaving stone What are we afraid of when we cannot sit... Continue Reading →

Life is simple

Always be the agent of your own heart And deal with what's in front of you Everything else is optional.

Water, Roots and Roses

Do you remember long ago Standing rocking to and fro Allowing water to trickle down To the toes from your crown Holding a cup of precious water Like it was earth's living daughter Feeling one with the earth Remembering your... Continue Reading →


When I see a new face From far away I am reminded of tales From yesterday Of how I was once a slave in chains Or riding a horse free and wild before highway lanes Or perhaps a pirate or... Continue Reading →


How to be idle With thoughts in a bumble While feelings rumble humble and tumble How to be idle When you're in chaotic thoughts But your body is broken And all tied up in naughts How to lie still With... Continue Reading →

Four fears

clocks rocks rules tools It is no surprise that they rhyme To the tick of time The tock of stone on rock The fear of control and restriction Threat of power and addiction With no support down below For my own... Continue Reading →

A broken voice

Where are the stories of heartful voices With zeal and real open choices Without someone sticking in their heal Pushing over a broken keel Bending over with forceful posture Demanding a timely roster Waving arms in a fit Because in their... Continue Reading →

Feet beat

Can you feel what is beneath your feet? A flowing feeling where your sole and heart meet A gentle rhythm and a flow When the blood goes down below To move it up again to the power of 10 Say... Continue Reading →


To sit here with all my feelings As you go on in abstract reelings With words that make little sense Grown in falsehood and pretense Trying to make claims That are based on heroic games While my gut churns And... Continue Reading →

The Frog

Frogs don't like chocolate, coffee or sweets Loosing their bounce and mighty feats The heart may be gleeful and high for a moment But drops in pressure with despair and atonement The throat falls with woes and ails With loss for... Continue Reading →


The pulse resides in the triangle Of the soles' arch angle With a steady beat In both cool and stifling heat The blood of fi phi fo Going far down below Rising up through the centre Unlike a tarty dolled up pretender... Continue Reading →


Breathe to save time With wings folded back together Stop to make time Feel the heart beat Stand in the sand In time to the earth spinning Floating out of time And space

Lost for words

Words do not come When breath stops Then the mind ceases Stomach knots Fists clench The birth of the Neanderthal man He is lost without words And knows only violence But she knows, medicine woman knows Steady in breath Blades... Continue Reading →

In the beginning

I looked into her eyes Old eyes That have lived countless lives Since the beginning They told me of how we began How my journey will not be an easy one An then, it wasn't easy Looking into her eyes We... Continue Reading →


They took away my voice Along with my choice Fed me rot From the fat friar's pot They tried to fill my head With stories of men long dead With privilege and title Sword and rifle Heaving with books And scowling looks... Continue Reading →


Your eyes seem out of shape Morphing and twisting and changing Your soul hidden behind a glass wall I cannot reach you with my call You are blind to my emotion And deaf to my expression Your heart lacks all the... Continue Reading →

Tick tock

There is a clock inside my head When I close my eyes and lay in bed Like a fob watch it goes tick tock As steady as a charged quartz rock Crystal clear is the beat As I feel the... Continue Reading →


As I try to unravel the tales I was told From years ago when fear took hold The war within fought and raged Like a lone wolf tortured and caged Rediscovering my envy and greed Tracking back who planted the... Continue Reading →


they say to smile with your eyes but I did not know how they say to laugh from the soul but I did not know where it was they say to be generous but I had nothing to give they... Continue Reading →


A short chin Held a long lost sin Lying buried in the blood of kin All the troubles deep within Why the voice lacks tin The heart is a leaky bin Lungs deflate and sink in The nerves broken and thin While touch burns the... Continue Reading →


Right up your rectum Is the perineum A place in your ass Where joy meets class A small bit of flesh Which is good to keep fresh Firm but soft Where soldiers once coughed There lives a god Who is... Continue Reading →

A Dark Star

It took a great witch To take a religious man to stitch Who was lost in falsities And womanising monstrosities For our kind were bought and sold With hearts callous, cold and old You were brave but lost your will... Continue Reading →

The Left Hand of Darkness

Right is a straight and narrow road For those who carry their own load But if you bare the world on your shoulders As one of nature's earthly soldiers You must turn to go left In the mountain's shadow cleft Between the ridges at meadow's end Going... Continue Reading →

Pelvic Floor

Going to the loo for some Is not always a whole lot of fun Do you feel like there is pee to push Down there beneath your furry bush? Been wondering why you can't pee more Are you in touch... Continue Reading →

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