Words once meant something

But now they are empty, hollow and bare

Words long ago carried a tune

But now they are just full of hot air

Words once were carried near and far

But now all they say “let’s go to the bar”

To drown all our sorrows and forget all our fears

All of the things the church has kept hidden for years and years

For we have lost the meaning of each and every sound

As we yearn to howl like a wolf or a hound

We have forgotten the spirit of each mark on our brow

As we once said each word, kenning just how

We have misplaced our hearts as we keep pulling them right

So our words end up too taught with fright

No longer our words rise up from the earth

No longer have our sounds come from birth

No longer do we carry meaning in our hearts

For they have been ridden over with horse drawn carts

Ruled with crosses and penned with ink

Our souls are broken and so is our earth’s link