Did you read the spirits of others

Who know not to keep secret covers

Looking deep into their souls

You gather up life from the darkest of holes

Twist up their bellies as they shriek in fear

You hollow them out from front to rear

See all they are from down below

And they feel small and rather shallow

For that they label you as witch or magician

Blaming you for their weak submission

Because you see who and what they are

They find it unsettling as they near you, a burning star

You are not satisfied by food and matter

It is stories that make your heart pitter patter

You can eat a house out of home

But it never satisfies your craving dome

It is the words and sounds and tales of far away

That keep you up, night and day

You want to get down to the truth

Make bones grow from toe to tooth

For that little drum inside your head

Hardly rests, even in bed

Listening out for stories untold

In space to bend, loop and fold

And when the air gets thin and cold

Is when you feel the world take hold

Out comes a tale long and thin

Loop it over, to begin.