When I see a new face

From far away

I am reminded of tales

From yesterday

Of how I was once a slave in chains

Or riding a horse free and wild before highway lanes

Or perhaps a pirate or a viking too

All the things I remember with you

I remember once holding a sword

Or on my ship tying knots with cord

I remember once being a witch

Burned at the stake while a priest licked his lips

I remember all the scars and the burns on my spirit

For without them how would I find myself in it?

For the stories that blow through the winds of time

Remind me who I was in rhythm and rhyme

And every new face who appears in my path

Reminds me of my rage and wrath

For I was born salt of the earth

And she, the Earth, tells me of all the hurt of my worth

For she and I are one in the same

And it has been a long time playing this game

To find the spirit, once and for all

So once again I can be mighty and tall.