Hiding your feelings behind a lense

Where your mind begins and ends

In the middle of your scull

You become square and dull

Never even knowing what you truly feel

Instead a rational of the cards you deal

Never feeling from deep roots and heart

From the seams you come apart

Breath becomes short and uneven

Out of order with ho and heavin’

Gut is bloated and in knots

From what’s been cooking in your pots

The colours of all your emotions

Become pasty and bleak like your skin lotions

Covering up all that you are

With your cakey make-up bar

All these things take me away from you

Because you cannot breathe from deep in the blue

I want to touch you and reach you somehow

But far away is all you allow

Keeping me away with glass covered eyes

Then you wonder why all you hear is damn lies

For the world can never seem very real

If you hide away and don’t really feel

I know the world can be easier to face

When you can wear a mask in place

But you will never ever be one and whole

If you do not make time to grow a sound soul

So let me see your emotional colours

All the shades in all the hours

Let me see, don’t be afraid

This is how in the end we are made.