Will they love you to the point of breaking

Will they find your soul for taking

Will they hollow you out from outside in

With a great roaring mindless din

Or will you keep your word to the earth

Find your heart of gold worth

Never will you let them take

What is only yours to keep and make

Never let them have what is truly yours

Keep it guarded with burs and spurs

And a thick thorny briar

Or a burning pyre

Even a pitch laden moat

With a old rickety leaky boat

Never give them a drop

Nor a bean

Without them showing

All their cards keen

Make them pay with blood and bone

Before you give one stitch sewn

And be sure to raise the bar

To make them reach so very far

Soaring higher than a friend

They may strive to meet your end

Higher and higher up to grow

But be sure to go down below

For power comes from the dirt

In the earth with pain and hurt

Down then up is how we grow

From the crown down to the toe



Companition n. /kəmˈpanˈɪʃən/ a situation of both competition and companionship where everyone strives to improve the situation for all.