She came from the darkness

Through a great yawn

Along with the chaos

And a young faun

The skys roared asunder

The earth cracked with thunder

Wolves howled to the heavens

In rhythms of five, sixes and sevens

She flooded the noise and the silence between

With bleakness of knowing all things great and unseen

She spun her web of violet light

To end even the darkest night

Her song is sung

Over and over

Not quite done

Where is her lover

For he rides the skys fighting his battles

Not knowing how she stirs him with magical rattles

For his cage of iron is hot and heavy

As he takes to the skys to find his own levee

But she stirs his soul like none before

And he cannot help but crave for more

She sings her song over and over

Not quite done

Away is her lover

He sits there with numbers counting in tens

Wondering when it will all come to end

But she sings him a song from over the wire

And he can not help but a little perspire

In words of writing honest, heartfelt and true

They speak of dreams of what they could do

Back and forth they play fair and keen

Still she sings her song great and unseen

Her sound is heard by one and all

So none alive will crash nor fall

All must keep as it has before

To fly to the stars and leave earth’s core

And yet she sings her song over and over

Not quite done

For away is her lover