Give me an astro, naught any day of the week

It is the cause, me not which I do seek

Will not an astro, naught leave you hanging

Instead will cause me not violetly haranguing

Prince will always leave you high and dry

Big bad wolf will make you scream and cry

Be Damed with all those tales

Buried in bellies of old sea whales

I’d rather be knighted

And to the skies flighted

With wolves who howl to the stars

Sweet Prince must fund my great flying cars

With all that sugar he has hoarded

In the farms he’s overlorded

Give me that sugar for some flower

We’ll sail high with nature’s power

Astro is the cause and cause is the astro

Neither is naught in case of castro

Stars spin cities and cities spin the stars

Onlookers proclaim with oohs and aahs

Prince on the mountain is non but elect

All connected through cause and effect

Stars ellipse around in song

String entwines silent and strong