I know you. You long to carry the remains of my dead.

You lack the parts I carry in my heart and head.

It is my excess which you lack.

As you haul your empty burdensome sack.

You are incomplete, a cavernous hole.

And I have brought the remains to fill your soul.


I have carried them far.

Across the seas and over the lands.

Around the world twice and thrice.

With a heavy heart and empty hands.


Take them now and do not tarry

No longer do they wish I carry

In the frost clear starry night

All the spirits light up with sprite


Bounded well in golden thread.

Here are the remains of my dead.

May you carry them on your journey more.

Only you will see what lies in store.


For they know no rest.

Unrestful spirits they are at best.

They rise and fall with the moon.

And blow in the sands of a seaside dune.

The were wrest and chased out from their homes

And now they will take place inside your domes


They need a body or two or three

To walk this world as an uprooted tree

And I see that you are lacking the spirits from your birth

So here are my dead, do not underestimate their worth